Beautiful blankets and muslin squares from Spearmint Baby.





When I was pregnant with Reuben and I was searching for “what to buy” I always came across Muslin squares. Constantly. They seemed to be the mummy go to for everything, and since having my own brood I totally get why. Thing is, they never seemed to be especially gorgeous like they are nowadays. Honestly they were just boring white with the occasional appliqué… But now. Wow.

I’m crushing on a new Instagram account I found a few months ago called Spearmint Baby. The account is owned by a fellow mam blogger, who designs the most stunning, absolutely divine baby blankets, Muslins and socks. I can’t get enough of her account, seriously, it is excruciatingly adorable.

One of the things I can’t help but admire is her collection of Muslin blankets and squares. OMG they are so beautiful, and nothing like the ones I had when I was pregnant for the first time. I only wish I’d come across this before Edith because I would be all up in that shop spending my hard earned pennies like never before.

So, in short, this is something that all parents agree you need. This is something that you will want to gladly waste your day staring at with loving eyes because it is so damned pretty, and that’s before you bundle a baby up in it.

You really have no excuse not to have one now huh?

H x

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