Back to school with Tesco #AD

This is a paid advertorial with Tesco.

I have just come back from a mammoth first couple of weeks of the summer holidays, from over night stays up and down the country to a weekend break in Disneyland, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks, so I’m only just getting around to thinking about school uniform for back to school in September.

This September I will have Toby moving into year one and Reuben into year 3, then in Easter Edith will be going to pre-reception, which as I’ve mentions before is exactly the same as reception, it’s just not obligatory and they can go for half day or full. Edith will go full because that is what the boys have done – they didn’t want to come home and leave their friends!

So for me the main priority is the boys, but I have two very different boys. Reuben is incredibly hard on clothing, especially school clothing. He constantly has holes in his knees – including the one that he put there when he thought it would be funny to cut his trousers with scissors. Mmhmm. Anyway, in total contrast, Toby is FINE with his trousers (unless you include having meltdowns over having to wear them when he wants shorts – even in winter. No dude.) but he demolished tshirt collars and cuffs of jumpers. It’s insanely frustrating! He chews them when he’s anxious or picks the thread with his fingers.

Like with a lot of my food and clothing shops, I turn to Tesco for my back to school shop. Their school clothes are made so well that they fit with both my boys needs, from the knee scraper to the sleeve chewer. One of the things I really love about their trousers is that they have a smart slim line fit with an elastic area waist (something both boys need – Reuben because he has a big tushie and is super tall so we size up up up for him and Toby is a skinny little man so we need to bring the waist in usually! ) I’m also so impressed with their reinforced knees – it really makes them last longer for Reuben! The boys both wear polo shirts to school; and Tesco don’t just apply their wizards to back to school trousers, their polo shirts are given a stain repel finish – an essential for Toby has last year we had to bin two other brand polo shirts in the first week of school because they were stained with poster paint; spag bol and god knows what else. On top of that the shirts are made with 100% cotton; perfect for keeping them warm and cosy under their jumpers on cold days and if those promised Indian Summer days do appear the polo shirts will be perfect for keeping the boys from getting overheated and sweaty.

The jumpers all have reduced bobbling thanks to Tesco’s As New Technology, but all of this; ever last piece of clothing info, pales in comparison to the one thing that really brings a smile to my exhausted mid-summer-holiday face. That one thing? Tesco’s 100 day guarantee. So sure are they that their clothes will have your little one feeling first day of school proud all year long that they are offering customers a 100 day guarantee on all of their back to school items. From ripped knees to pulled threads, Tesco guarantee their back to school items with a full refund or exchange – so you can spend less time shopping and more time enjoying those precious after school hours (not to mention all the after school clubs!)

It might only be £5-6 per polo shirt, but when you have more than one child, it adds up. 5 x £6 = £30 x 3 and that’s £90 before you have even looked at trousers, jumpers, shoes and all the PE, outdoor clothing and shoes… it’s a lot! Not having to re-buy everything because you can be confident of the quality, or should there be something wrong you know you can exchange the item, is a god send for any parent, and one of the reasons that Tesco have my seal of approval for Back to School 2018.

H 🙂

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