Aviva FREE Parent life cover and why you need it.

I am delighted Aviva are sponsoring this promotion of their Free Parent Life Cover.

Recently friends of ours had a baby and we were all talking about the mundane things that every parent does when they have a baby: registry office paperwork, Drs appointments, nursery registrations or starting to think about schools in some areas. I mentioned insurance too and how that changed, it was another insurance you just had to get, like your car or your household insurance… apart from, they didn’t. Neither of them had life insurance, despite now being responsible for this new life and having next to no family between them.

I make no secret about the fact that I am insured up to the hilt, life insurance was one of the first things I took out when Reuben was born (in fact it was a little bit beforehand just in case something happened to me during birth – a conversation that Adam shied away from) but perhaps I’m just very cautious and anxious by natural that something would happen to me and my children would have to struggle without their daddy by their side because he had to work to help fund life. According to statistics we’re getting worse at taking life insurance out too. Around 50% of homes with mortgages don’t have life insurance, which is enough to send my need to plan ahead into a twitchy overdrive.

I’m insured with Aviva myself, so when I was approached and told that they want to give FREE (yes, it’s really free, keep reading) life insurance to new parents, I had to share. Aviva are offering parents £15,000 free life insurance as a first step towards getting yourselves and your families protected. Both parents are eligible and can claim an impressive £15,000 each per child under the age of 4 – that would be £30,000 per child! It takes minutes to apply, there is absolutely no purchase necessary, no strings attached and they don’t need your credit or debit card details. The cover lasts 12 months from acceptance and you don’t have to renew at all, meaning if the worst should happen in that period you will have at least some life insurance, totally without expense.

I know us brits are a bit stunted when it comes to talking about death or our own mortality but I’m a firm believer that this isn’t healthy and we have to knock that on the head. We only have one certainty in life and that is that we will all, eventually, die. It’s a great comfort to me to know that my family have some cover in place to reduce financial stress, should I meet the end earlier than I hope.

I’m not trying to scare or preach or even offer or recommend advice, you’re presumably grown ups reading this and can make up your own minds but if you haven’t thought about life insurance, you’ve pushed it to the back of your mind and filed it under “topics that make me slightly twitchy” then this will give you a bit of breathing space until you can do some research and work out what policies and coverage is best for you. As a consumer since 2011, I can personally recommend Aviva and having a chat with their representatives to find out what works for you.

H 🙂

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