The Discovery Adventures with Land Rover

There is nothing as boring as being in the car for hours and hours on end is there? I mean, geez, we all have different taste and with five of us to please music gets rotated, kindles lose charge and then we are left with a tone of grumpiness!

A few weeks ago I was challenged to listen to The Discovery Adventures podcast by Land Rover and see if it entertained the whole troop or inspired us to get our adventure on! Not only did we love listening to the all-star cast (who are a fab mixture of nature experts and big name stars) and being taken on an audio trip around the UK but by the time we arrived at our destination, this Mystery drama podcast had set us all up for some adventure and the kids were demanding to know if we could listen to the next episode in the car on the way home!

So, what about our own adventure? Well taking our inspiration from the podcast we went to Mother Shipton’s Cave (just like they do in Episode 2!) and imagined that we were creating our own podcast, exploring and off on a little trip, learning about the history of the place, the witches den. We’ve been before and of course we loved it, Knaresborough is a beautiful place and we get to go to the Pub just opposite the entrance to Mother Shipton’s Cave for a tasty lunch looking out over the river. Daddy orders a beer (or Witches Brew if you listen to the podcast!) and we enjoy a bite to eat, either before we go for a walk or after.

I love the fact that as we listened we were given loads of tips of how to be a forest explorer – like looking for Lycen and listening out for Bird sounds to figure out whether we are near the track, a useful tip for any explorer.

The podcast got the boys really excited for finding Mother Shipton’s Cave, episode two gave us so much information about it and the boys kept telling us “I remember seeing that when we were there!” (The petrifying well) and “oh look mummy, this bit is what they were talking about in the car” once we arrived. I love that the podcast is filmed on location; so everything actually sounds realistic – immersing you in an experience that you can really relive if you head out on your own adventure.

We were so inspired to visit the Cave again because of the educational and fun podcast – they even explained how petrification works and now we can’t wait to listen to the next Podcast to discover where our next adventure should be. With 7 episodes you can almost guarantee that there will be a location near to you; and if it isn’t near to you you’ll have plenty of entertainment on that way there, not to mention ample opportunity to listen, learn and get excited!

Not fancying visiting one of the places mentioned in the Land Rover Discovery Adventures podcast? Well that’s no problem, why not make your own podcast to listen to? It’s super easy to do and you could make your car journeys that much more fun!

H 🙂

Disclosure: This is an advertisement feature for The Discovery Adventures podcast by Land Rover. #TheDiscoveryAdventures


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