Looking forward to AW18 Home décor with Tesco

This is a paid advertorial with Tesco.

I know the sun has just started to shine and we’re just coming up to the Summer, so forgive me but I have to tell you about Tesco’s luscious Autum/Winter homeware collection which is simply amazing quality at an affordable price.
I am one of those people that has a core home décor but changes the rest of the décor seasonally – I have scatter cushions galore, blankets and throws, vases and candles, all that correspond with Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter and my fave, Christmas! Something I’ve never really done is spend a fortune on home décor, I know that the scatter cushions will get stuff spilt on them, they are 100% guaranteed to be used as a football at some point and it’s even likely that the blankets will be dragged on the floor or outside into the play house – so if you can think of a reason to spend £500 on a blanket that will be oh-so abused, let me know! It really is something that I aim for affordability in, but also aim for style – something that I will look upon when the children are in bed, they aren’t causing mayhem and everything has been tidied away, and think yeah, this is MY space, this is cosy or airy, is homely and stylish. I don’t think I’m asking for much but as a long term scatter cushion addict, I can tell you it’s harder to find than you might think.

Enter Tesco and their super stylish but super affordable supermarket homeware range.

Gone are the days when supermarket chic was a thing and now? Well now it’s just chic. I was invited along to their AW18 press day to see their new ranges, both the premium brand Fox & Ivy and their main collections of Tesco Homeware and not only was I super impressed but many of you who follow me on Instagram messaged me to tell me that a.) you weren’t sure you believed me that this was Tesco and b.) how excited you were for the new ranges to launch in August and how it had made you want to take a trip to Tesco to see what their current SS18 ranges were!
So shall we have a wee look?

Fox & Ivy Range.

Fox & Ivy is all about luxury in AW18 – at any time really but there is a decadence to it this upcoming season that I loved. I mentioned to Toby (the resident blanket obsessor – I have the cushions down pat) that they had a pom pom blanket and a velvet blanket (both £40) he was determined to have these luxury little touches in our room, and to be honest so was I. They are stylish, soft and perfect for both cuddling up on the floor during the day to watch re runs of The Greatest Showman and for me to curl up on a night and read a book.

I loved the floral patterns and stork fabric cushion which spoke to my inner scatter cushion desires at only £12. The bedding range continued in the elegant navy, plum and purple fabrics with metallic touches and was super sleek. I love the stork theme running through this range, especially in metallic. Add a bouquet of rich autumnal flowers (Tesco – their flowers are epic and last for ages, a total side note as I sit and type looking at their flowers parked in my living room) and you would have such a beautiful space.

One of the things that I loved the most about this range was the way that the soft furnishings weren’t the only thing to be considered – from trinket boxes to mugs the floral patterns on, they make the smallest items carry the boldest impact.

Tesco Home Sweet Chestnut

Perhaps you aren’t looking for the dramatic elegance and bold, dark colouring of the Fox & Ivy label but rather wanting something a little more country charm? Then Sweet Chestnut is for you come August. Interestingly it was this range and one piece from the Oslo range which I will talk about next, that was given the best reception on my Instagram stories. The sweet hare theme that runs through is enchanting and the super affordable prices of just £20 for the tartan fleece blanket, the hare lamp at just £16 and the butterfly & blossom enamel jug vase at only £10, you really can’t go wrong.

I loved the purples and blues in this range, so distinct and sweet, whilst cosy and very country. A real treat.

Tesco Home Oslo range

This range will apply to the pastel lovers and people who are looking to update their scandi-chic. It is one of the most transitional ranges I’ve ever seen, I would happily have this in my home every season and just tweak it. Based on lovely pastels (how glorious is that trinket box?) and ultra modern honesty tree prints, this is 100% one for a modern and clean line look. Again the bedding is so reasonable at £18 for a double duvet, two plant pots on raise platforms for an AMAZING £36 and the crockery in this range is a beautiful twist on a plain white with branch like black lines.

All in all I can’t sing the praises enough for Tesco, they have everything that I would want to spruce up my space without it costing me the earth. One more thing I really think people should know about the tesco Home ranges, from their premium Fox & Ivy range to their Home ranges, is that their design team designs everything from scratch, with talented artists creating artwork and mood boards to scan into the computer and work into a range. It was fascinating talking to them and their talent was outstanding.

Lastly, if you’re anything like me then you will be spellbound by their wonderful Go Cook range – from foodie fabulous to professional chef standard, there is something in their range for every skill level that will just make cooking oh so much easier! a

Which range do you like the most?

H 🙂


  1. Tash
    November 29, 2018 / 9:19 am

    Hi so in love with the japanese crane theme does anyone know were i can get the wallpaper from?

  2. June 4, 2018 / 4:04 pm

    These ranges are STUNNING. That hare pillow is to die for. You can’t beat Tesco can you? I’ve had a delivery saver account with them for years now and I can’t fault them. I get free delivery on F&F so I’ll definitely be ordering some of these.

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