Must Have Summer Dresses that I have bought

After writing on Instagram about my body confidence issues I really felt like I needed to update my wardrobe – I have a serious LACK of anything that makes me feel pretty, elegant… stylish… attractive… i can keep going but I suspect you get the gist. I feel a bit shitty and I never spend money on myself so I decided to go some serious shopping, grab myself all the pretty dresses I could find and be done with it. Fashion has never been my thang, always basically just a legal requirement to chuck clothes on my back and I have always made an effort (ish) to look nice but I feel like I suddenly have a renewed interest in how I look…

So here are my faves, where they came from and what size I went for etc.

  1. Floral Pleated Floral Dress from & Other Stories £79

Erm, can we talk about this please? This is THE prettiest and most comfortable dress I have ever owned, no joke. I found the dress on Betty Magazine Instagram (if you don’t follow Charlotte you need to look into your life choices because she isn’t just the ultimate style queen but she’s a flippin fab woman too) and I had to have it. Let me please make it clear that I am the woman that borks at buying a dress over £15 – £25 is considered a “luxury purchase” for myself – whilst the kids swan around in socks and pants that cost more than that… I know, I have issues. Anyway, I had a full out meltdown when I saw how expensive this was (for me) but if you only buy one dress it needs to be this one – there are so many ways to wear it too and it is AMAZE. Fact. I bought a size XL and I am a size 14 (it’s roomy, I would have got away with a L).

2. Yellow midi dress from Zara £39.99

I fluffin hate Zara – I am neither tall nor slender so it basically laughs at me every time I lust after the clothes BUT if you go for the largest (just do it and get over it) sizes you can actually find some proper lush stuff. This dress was a real hum-har style for me, I don’t tend to wear block colours unless you count black so I wasn’t sure if it would suit me but I love it. It’s like being a walking field of yellow flowers. Or not. But it’s pretty and comfy – bosh. I went for an XL but this one is stretchy so an L would have fitted too.

3. Floral pink tunic from Zara £39.99

I never wear pink – love the colour but I just don’t wear it. I tend to look a bit odd in pink and pastel colours, stong and bold or the absence is my jam, so when Adam saw I had ordered this he raised an eyebrow but I LOVE it. It’s so different to the majority of my wardrobe and I think that makes it all the prettier – again, I went for an XXL (ouch)because Zara sizes are so obnoxious and I’ma  size 14 at the moment.

4. Contrast Tunic from Zara £25.99

Oh hello unusual black dress, welcome to my wardrobe you fitty. Yeah, this is just a slightly different take on a black t-shirt dress and I love it. Super comfy and oh-so-stylish. I went for an XL.

I’m also waiting on a delivery from a few other places so I might even do a second post on this, but for now, these are my 4 must haves!

H 🙂


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