Visitors Welcome: The Ultimate Guest Room Checklist

When family and friends are important to you, having a guest bedroom matters. With this extra space, you can welcome people into your home for a night or two or longer if you really enjoy their company!

But in between visitors, that room doesn’t have to stay off-limits. Instead, you can use strategic decorating, like comfy Murphy beds and other hidden marvels, to take an office or playroom and turn it into a guest room within minutes.

What should go in your guest room before your visitors show up? This guest room checklist gives you the must-haves, the nice-to-haves, and the bonus features to help you get started planning.

The Essentials

If you want your guests to feel at home, it’s vital to offer them a safe, quiet space to themselves, preferably with easy access to a bathroom. In their room, be sure to include the following must-haves:

● A comfortable bed with soft linens, a cozy blanket, and a variety of pillows (everyone sleeps a little differently, so what you like might not be what your guests use)

● Empty drawers and closet space with hangers

● Soap, washcloths, and hand towels at the sink

● Towels for bathing time

● Extra toilet paper under the counter

● A plunger

● Toiletries, such as toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, and new toothbrushes

● Hand sanitizer

● Room deodorizer/air fresheners

● A fan (either a ceiling fan or an electric option)

These must-haves will ensure your guests don’t feel out of place and avoid the need to run to the local convenience store or pharmacy for forgotten toiletries.

The Should-Haves

Beyond the essentials, it’s nice to offer your guests some amenities that let them know you are happy to have them stay with you and that their comfort is your concern. Here are some should-have items that will increase every visitor’s pleasure:

● The Wi-Fi password (you know they’re going to ask anyway, so why not display it on a cute chalkboard or a folded placard on the dresser?)

● A fresh bottle of water

● A covered trash can in the bathroom or bedroom

● A spare key and any necessary alarm information

● Instructions on operating any not-so-user-friendly elements of the room, such as the shower, plugs, or advanced electronics

● The TV remote and instructions on using it

● A charging station with multiple plug options

With these extras, your guests will know that you truly are happy they’re visiting.

The Over-and-Above Touches

Ready to roll out the red carpet for certain visitors? These special accents tell guests that you’ve gone all out for their stay. Be careful, though! They may be so content in your guest room that they never want to leave!

● Fresh flowers in a vase on the dresser or nightstand (Pro tip: Check with your guests to ensure they don’t have allergies, and stick to lightly scented flowers to avoid overbearing scents.)

● Magazines or books on a bookshelf or flat surface that include topics your guests may be interested in reading

● Disposable or washable slippers

● A hamper for dirty clothes and access to the washing machine and dryer

● A motion sensor light

● A white noise machine

● Room-darkening curtains

These features, along with a closet of fresh linens, blankets, and pillows, show visitors you’ve gone the extra mile. Communicate boundaries with them, such as, “Feel free to wash or dry your clothes any time during the day, but try not to use the machines after we go to bed,” or, “Anything in the fridge or cupboards is yours, just let us know if you run out of anything so we can add it to our grocery list.”

With this guest list and your open communication, you and your visitors can concentrate on enjoying each other’s company!

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