Tinti natural bath colours and accessories for bath time fun!

Tinti bath time fun via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

So much fun, the fact that they have developed something that all children can enjoy, including those with sensitive skin, is really impressive!

Tinti bath time fun via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

Everything from bath colours to fizz bombs and accessories to make the most out of them, Tinti have bath time covered!

Do your kids get really excited when they see adverts about bath time or is it just mine? My boys love bath time and we have recently been inundated with requests for ‘bath time colours’ after Roo found some bath tints in a local store.

The problem is with most bath tints, they either stain the tub or the skin, aren’t well made and dry out the skin or are just downright bad for the skin and a problem if they get near eyes or  mouths. Well try telling two little toddlers who want to splash that they can’t in case the get the water near their eyes!

That’s why I am really impressed with Tinti natural bath tints.  The products have been designed using colours that are developed from renewable sources such as blossoms, leaves, fruits and roots as well as the traditional, natural ingredients that are used to make dyes. The best things is there are no preservatives or SLS, they are bio-degradable, and free from all known allergenic fragrances!!

As if that wasn’t enough the products have been dermatologically tested and are soap free, leave no residue, and will not stain your kid’s skin, hair or bathroom!

The other thing that I think makes Tinti a real bath time favourite is the fact that they have gone above and beyond the usual ‘bath time colour’ and developed products like their magic wand, which disperses the colour into the bath as your child shakes the wand in the water. It just makes the whole thing even more fun!

You can find the whole Tinti collection here if you are in the UK and here if you are anywhere else.

Harriet x

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