Swoon worthy maternity body care products from 9 London.


9 London beauty products via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

The beauty products are elegantly styled and so lovely to use. You can choose from a bust firming cream, stretch mark oil and stretch mark reducing cream.

It is so hard to find good maternity body care products that are a.) non greasy and b.) gift worthy. I often find that even fantastic maternity products fall into the category of ‘boring essential’ that no one would dream of putting on their gift list, which is such a shame because there is never a time when a woman needs to be made to feel more special or important… she is kind of making another human being here, it’s a big job!

These beauty products from the already super well known and loved 9 London are lovely. They have teamed up with Emily Evans and already becoming a firm favourite amount pregnant ladies everywhere. The packaging is super cute and is perfect for gift giving, while the creams are wonderfully softening without being greasy and sticky.

You can find the range here at the 9 London website.

Harriet x

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