Reuben’s first week at school!

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I’m so unbelievably proud of Reuben, this was taken on his first week at school – he is settling so well and I can’t wait to share this new chapter in our lives with you!

I wanted to share the beginning of a really important new chapter in our lives with you: Reuben’s first week at proper school!

He has had such an amazing time, which is just so wonderful to see after his horrendous experience at preschool. Since we pulled Reuben out of preschool after another parent informed me she had witnessed an incident of bullying from a member of staff, he has been really missing his little friends. It’s so comforting to know that within a week he has already made more little friends than we can count (hopefully we’ll be able to keep in touch with preschool friends too! – he will have a better social life than me!) and has already brought home some homework (which of course isn’t deadlined and doesn’t have to be done, but it helps us keep up to date with what he’s doing at school!). We’ve even started learning the 10 timetable and basic addition!

He’s already been on his first school trip – which was to The Deep (the worlds only (?) subaquarium) which we have been to before ourselves as it’s quite near our home. He came home telling me about what a fabulous time he had had, how he loved seeing the hammer head shark and learning about the penguins! It was so exciting for him. He’s already bringing back so many memories for Adam and I by telling us about his PE games (do you remember sleeping tigers where you had to pretend to be asleep until the butterfly touched your nose, then run run run? It was so much fun wasn’t it?!)

I can’t help but feel like this is going to be so perfect for Reuben, especially as the school is a Forest school – which means lots of outdoor learning, something Reuben will love so much! I can’t wait to share his experiences, and also share lots of information about Forest schools and what they entail, it’s something I think every school should be doing!

Harriet x

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