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I’ve been getting a bit stir crazy lately, I think it’s because I can see the kids growing so fast and I’m becoming keenly aware that every time I blink they hit a new miles stone. How long is it going to be before we have three teenagers and three adults living in a four bedroom house, albeit a large one.

Like a lot of people, I fantasise about my ‘dream home’ quite a lot, in fact, I think about this an awful lot mainly because we have started to tentatively investigate moving to it!! I make my husband laugh with my stipulations for a dream home and the type of property that we would consider, he thinks I’m loopy because I have so many requirements but to me these things are vital parts of my dream home!

1.) A Laundry/Utility room

I would just need one, with so many people in the house it’s a necessity I do believe, so I would insist on having a laundry room. Pinterest style-e!

2.) An annex with at least one or two bedrooms

If you are a long term reader of the blog then you will know that my mum lives with our family (you can read about our multi-generation home here) and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s always been our plan to find a property with an annex so that mum could have a bit more of her own, self contained space, and so could we. I have to say, it is wonderful to see the boys interacting with her daily, however I do think that when Toby decides to sit on her head when she’s trying to indulge in an afternoon nap, it’s a touch unfair! So if we were to move, the property would need to have either a self contained annex with at least one (preferably two) bedrooms or something we could convert like garages or outbuildings. I wouldn’t be prepared to see any of our older family members while away in a nursing home and I think, looking to the future, this would be something that the kids may wish to utilise when they have a family of their own if they are struggling to get on the property ladder themselves.

3.) At least 5 bedrooms.

Yes, at least. At the moment we have lost our guest room and I hate it – if we want friends to visit they are stuck to two option: a hotel or an air bed in our living room. It’s just not practical and I really would love to have the option of a spare room… Even if it’s just to fill it with junk!

4.) A Large kitchen with a dining space and kitchen island

Yep, I need a large kitchen, how else am I supposed to cater for my large family and, in years to come, I would love to think my kids and their partners and/or families will visit for Christmas, so I need a big space… Plus, if the boys keep going the way they are, with an insistence on raiding the fridge, alongside their dad, I need a space big enough to fit myself and three males at one time.

5.) A good size garden, with room to build a koi pond.

The koi pond is more Reuben’s idea than mine to be fair. He’s obsessed at the moment and so disappointed that the pond we just built isn’t big enough for koi. I do want a decent size garden for children and possibly grandchildren one day. I also want somewhere that I can host summer parties and enjoy as I age.

6.) An office

I need an office, I really do. I’m not fussed if it’s upstairs or downstairs but it has to happen. I’ve seen quite a few properties where the office is a conservatory or one of the bedrooms upstairs, which suits me fine, in fact, a conservatory would be a lovely place for an office.

7.) A Downstairs toilet

Are you kidding? This is on everyone’s list right? Of course it is. I can’t possibly imagine having to potty train with no downstairs toilet… Well I can but it makes me want to cry. Given the option (baring in mind we’re talking dream homes here) who wouldn’t want a downstairs toilet?!

8.) At least two, preferably three bathrooms.

I would need a family bathroom and then an en-suite or two. My husband takes hours, upon hours, upon hours in the bathroom and judging by how the boys are now taking their iPads to the toilet with them on occasion, I feel like it’s going to be a trend. I would like an en-suite for Edith too. I just think that, as a girl with two big brothers, it might be nice to have her own bathroom.

9.) A games room or snug for the kids

Right now the children have a playroom, and should we still be here when they are teenagers, we would convert that to a living room come games room for them. It gives them a sense of personal space (other than just their room) and means I don’t have to have all their stuff all over my space. Does that mean no family time? Of course not, but it does mean they don’t have to always be in their bedrooms.

10.) A Pantry

I’m a prolific spice collector, I need somewhere to store this and all of my many, many foodie treasures. At the moment we have a small pantry which I made by converting the under stairs cupboard.

11.) A landing big enough for a sofa and bookcase

I love to read, I love quiet time and quiet spaces. I’m not shooting for the stars here, if I was I’d be requesting a library but that’s just silly (she says reading the rest of her requirements and cringing) but I have always loved large, open landing spaces and I think this is the perfect place for a cosy chair or sofa and a bookcase. I can imagine curling up here with a good book (ahem, on my kindle…) while my hubby sits downstairs and watches sports.

So, I don’t think I have stringent requirements, in fact I think I’m quite reasonable…

What are you’re requirements for a dream home?

Harriet x


  1. Avatar
    September 7, 2015 / 9:58 am

    ha I love this blog. My husband and I are currently searching for our next home as we have outgrown where we currently are. I too have a long list of ‘must haves’ but finding a house which provides them all is not looking good xx

    • Harriet September 8, 2015 / 9:22 am

      Thank you Bethany! It’s good to have a checklist right?! Crazy but good! x

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