My beauty routines in under 2 mins that is realistic for mums from Sk:n

My beauty routines in under 2 mins that is realistic for mums from Sk:n via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

I’ve written before about how hard I find it to maintain any form of decent skin care routine. I almost always just use a wet wipe to take my make up off at night and then head off to bed. The reasons I give for this is that, on a morning there is so much to do I don’t have the time to faff with my face and at night I always intend to do something but Edie will start to cry and it’s a case of falling asleep in bed with her instead. I feel like I don’t treat myself anymore.

I was sent some products by the brilliant Sk:n, who are the UKs leading skincare brand. At first I really didn’t think I would get to use the stuff, my usual excuses were primed, but guess what, I did!! I love the cleanser, I use it in the shower or just after and it’s not faffy at all – no cotton wool buds or particular ways to wipe, just use it as you would a face wash and your done. Then I put the blemish cream on (with my fingers) before I whack on some make up to make myself feel reasonably presentable – I even find that it helps my foundation stay on longer, so there is no frightening the natives with my actual face or putting people off having kids by revealing the bags under my eyes.

I love it! On a night I use the anti-aging cream after I’ve been in the shower, just to help pep my face up a bit and ward off those frown lines. I’ve actually found getting back into the routine of doing this so helpful, it just means I don’t feel like I’m neglecting myself as much, you know? I’m not doing the full facial every morning and night like I did when I was 20 but I can actually say I’m making some form of effort to treat myself! To me, that is what beauty routines are all about; treating yourself and feeling special.

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