Meal Plan 4/5

Hey everyone! Well I think it’s fairly safe to say that, as far as meal planning goes, last week was an absolute shitshow! We didn’t stick to hardly anything, I cocked up recipes, we ate random things on random nights and it was all just a bit of a nightmare! We did manage to make it a full week without popping to the shop for top ups, which frankly felt like an absolute achievement and a half!

So let’s have a look… lower your expectations ha!

  • Monday :: Yoghurt chicken – didn’t cook it, but did *attempt* to cook it on Wednesday, totally fucked it up and ended up having to back track and salvage the chicken into a white wine sauce.
  • Tuesday :: Chicken quesadillas – also didn’t do this.
  • Wednesday :: Cheddar and broccoli pasta – this was delish and SO quick. Like insanely quick – we’re talking 10mins max. We ate it on Tuesday.
  • Thursday :: Tuscan chicken – we had this on saturday and I will confess it was delish. My mum dubbed it “sickly” but then pleasing her is the equivalent of trying to find leprechauns so I didn’t pay much attention. Toby loved it and Edith pulled her usual “I hate it” until it was fed to her.
  • Friday :: Fish and Chips – probably the only thing we actually ate on the night it was meant to be eaten on! It was delish – not sure I’m rating Asda’s own oven crinkle chips for this though, I will buy their chunky version next time.
  • Saturday :: Hot dog and Burger bar – Delish and actually what we ended up eating on Monday.
  • Sunday :: Peanut butter chicken curry – it was lovely! Even the kids enjoyed it.

So what about this week? Well I’m hoping that we can stick to things a bit better than we have been doing because frankly I found last week frustrating when it came to dinner and I just hadn’t pre-planned things well.

Monday :: Spag bol

Good ole spag bol to start the week. You can either use a pressure cooker (which is what I do) or a slow cooker to make spag bol hassle free. I adore this recipe from Chelsea’s Messy Apron though I’ll probably add some extra veggies for good measure.

Tuesday :: Creamy sausage pasta

I saw Sarah from Taming Twins share this last week and I just knew that I needed to try it! We already have some sausages so that makes life nice and simple!

Wednesday :: Masoor dahl

You know what, I’m a lentil convert. I’ve always hated lentils when I was younger, but I really do enjoy them now as a meat alternative. Love that there are some good veggies in here too, but not so much as to cause a drama. Recipe is from Ela Vegan.

Thursday :: Chateaubriand & mash

I have a really lush cut of beef that I have been gifted as part of my collaboration with Donald Russell butchers. I’ll be totally honest, we’re not steak eaters usually, so I am using one of the easy to follow recipes on their website to try and make the most out of this cut of meat I have. Adam will no doubt be delighted and I’m going to have a crack at making some Diane sauce.

Friday :: Fajita Friday

I’m obsessed with fajitas once again and they seem to make the ideal meal for a friday night late night whilst the takeaways are limited to pizza and random restaurants we aren’t sure are worth it. This recipe is from Carl’s Bad Cravings, though frankly I may just buy an Old El Paso kit and be done with it. It does look damn good though!

Saturday :: Fish finger lasagne

Right. I know. It *sounds* horrendous, but I’ve told you before I have a list as long as my arm of recipes saved from Twisted food on IG and I never really try them out because I can’t embed the recipes here and I try to stick hard and fast to the meal plans so I can feed back to you (lol at my failure last week, but I try). Anyway, I have found a few recipes on their website that I would like to try so I’ve chucked this in. Adam is mortified. My mother will undoubtably have some cutting remark. I’m curiously grossed out. We’re going in.

Sunday :: Chicken Piccanta meatballs

These from Little Spice jar sound amazing, super simple and really tasty over a range of foods. I actually have a load of capers in the cupboard that need using up – I’ve aimed to use up as much in the cupboard as possible this week! I’m going to serve with tagliatelle.

And there we have it! A meal plan I hope to stick to this week!


  1. Avatar May 7, 2020 / 1:34 pm

    This meal plan sounds delicious. I’m always looking for new recipes to try.

    Jess / Jess Marie Hunter x

  2. Avatar May 4, 2020 / 8:00 pm

    Love the sound of your meal plan especially the fish finger lasanga. May have to try that but Would only be me and the lo that would eat it.

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