Meal Plan :: Back to school

Hey! This is our first full week back to school which means it’s the first full week of trying to be organised, feed my family and not go insane when Edith decides she doesn’t like the meal I cooked her the week before that she loved. Sigh. Last week we start back at schools on the Wednesday, which I find always makes it harder and then the Queen died on Thursday so it really did throw all normal routine up in the air – football was cancelled, events were put on hold… it was a lot in one week.

But now, I feel like the dust can settle a bit, we can crack on and really get back into the swing of things!

Monday :: Chicken curry

Start simple my guys. This chicken curry recipe from my book has seen me through every tough spot imaginable – it’s ideal for leftovers too and you can whack in pretty much whatever you like in terms of veg or fruit… the sky is the limit. Buy my book here.

Tuesday :: Sausage & Mash Pie

This is going to be a winner for the kids – I can feel it in my soul. It’s got all the goods – sausages, mash and it’s basically a cross between sausage and mash (a fave) and cottage pie (another fave). This is from Don’t go Bacon my Heart.

Wednesday :: Carbonara

I have loads of pasta, I accidentally ordered double bacon and I have eggs – that is pretty much all you need to know to know that Carbonara was in the offing this week. This recipe is from Love Foodies.

Thursday :: Cauliflower cheese with bacon

Ok look, is cauliflower cheese a main dish or a side? The debate could rage on. I personally have always felt it’s a side that I love so much I could elevate to a main, Adam is vehemently opposed to that idea. But Adam doesn’t cook so…

Friday :: Fajitas

Easy sheet pan fajitas are the best – unless you’re doing pressure cooker and then YES. So Simple, so quick but to be honest I’ve done these ones a few times and they are decidedly less sloppy than pressure cooker version, so I’m going with this. This is from Life Made Simple Bakes.

Saturday :: Takeaway!

Sunday :: Sunday Roast

I’ve been craving one for weeks now, but I just couldn’t be bothered and then it was so hot… sigh. Anyway, I’m aiming for it this weekend!

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