Meal plan 24/02

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful half term and you’re not too knackered after a full week with the kids!

Obviously there is no re-cap of this week, so I think we might as well just jump right in!

Monday :: Out for tea

I know, radicals. On a monday! We’re heading to Creepy Crawlies so it’s most likely that we will eat something like chicken nuggets and chips with a pizza for me … and I’m not remotely sorry about it.

Tuesday :: Lasagne

Actual beef lasagne for one, no veggie substitutes or quorn, just beef. It’s been ages since I’ve done this for my family so I figured I should. I use my recipe but you can find this one here!

Wednesday :: Chicken Curry

I adore this recipe from Taming twins and I’m constantly shouting about it. I’ve got naan and popadom on the go too for this one so everyone will be delighted.

Thursday :: Cowboy Pie

I’ve never actually made cowboy pie!! Is it lush? I don’t have a clue – but apparently it is served in nurseries and British homes up and down the country. This recipe from Mrs Rachel Brady came up top trumps.

Friday :: Take away

Saturday :: Teriyaki Chicken stir fry

This used to me my dinner every single night when I was younger – every night, different marinades of chicken and a mix of veggies. I LOVED it. It is super simple and oh so tasty. This recipe from Well Planned looks amazing.

Sunday :: Steak pie with stuffing and mash

I’m a big fan of this kind of Sunday dinner and I have so much stuffing to use up. I’m also planning on doing some yorkshire puddings for this dinner – if you want to try this recipe for Beef & Guinness pie (which looks amazing) then you can grab this one here.

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