Meal Plan 22/06

Good morning! Last week was such a random one for meals, we were so up and down and I don’t think we actually ate the right meal on the right day once! We didn’t stick to everything but we didn’t do too badly – and as far as food lead temper tantrums go it was a fairly good week!

When it comes to the rest of the week it looked pretty much the same as every other week does for us – slow. We did have one absolutely magical day at Falling Foss just outside of Whitby that I can’t recommend enough for a socially distanced day out!

Anyway, let’s recap last week’s meals:

  • Monday :: Beans on Toast – didn’t actually have this until Saturday night when I made some bread for it, it was incredibly tasty though – bit of cheese over the top and, for me, some hot sauce. Nailed it.
  • Tuesday :: Spag Bol – Always a winner in our house.
  • Wednesday :: Tomato & Spinach sausage pasta – I was disappointed in this, it just didn’t really hit the spot and I expected more.
  • Thursday :: Chicken with Garlic Parmesan rice – this was delish, we actually ended up having it on Sunday instead.
  • Friday :: Pizza – we had a takeaway as the Pizza dough I bought said it made “4 servings” and honestly, what a load of rubbish – it made 3 small pizzas for the kid’s lunches.
  • Saturday :: Marinaded chicken – we had this on earlier in the week and I ended up serving it with rice in a curry style – I was annoyed with myself because it would have been amazing if I hadn’t cooked it so very late!
  • Sunday :: Chicken Curry – always a fave, just like spag bol.

Moving on to this week:

Monday :: Million Dollar Chicken bake

This looks lush, one of those tasty meals with simple ingredients that I’m quietly confident everyone will enjoy! The recipe is from Easy Family Recipes (also a positive sign as it’s been tested by other mums!)

Tuesday :: Beef & Broccoli Ramen

We actually have some really nice beef in the freezer, so I’m going to take the opportunity to use that up and have something a little different. This is from Chelsea’s Messy Apron.

Wednesday :: Green Thai Curry chicken meatballs

These look like a combo of Reuben and Toby’s fave things – Roo love a green thai curry (it was his ultimate food when he was weaning) and Toby loves meatballs) so I think this will be a big hit! Recipe from Super Golden Bakes.

Thursday :: Adobo Chicken burgers

These sound really nice but I think for ease I’m going to be lazy and use turkey mince as it’s ready prepped and I don’t think I can get my paws on chicken mince. It’s from Cotter’s Crunch.

Friday :: Chicken Fajitas

Something a little bit different to our takeaway, I thought I would do a fajita friday again – I love my takeaways but actually, that extra £50 every week was nice to save! Recipe is from Midwest Foodie Blog.

Saturday :: Spanish chicken tray bake

This recipe from Don’t go Bacon My Heart is the ideal bung-in-the-oven and leave to do it’s thang meal. I’m looking forward to this one – I won’t use thighs, I know, I Know, they have better flavour blah, blah, blah… I hate them, I can’t do it.

Sunday :: Enchilada Lasagne

Combining Edith’s love for enchiladas (as long as she doesn’t see any beans) and Adam’s love for lasagne, I thought this might be a nice one to try. Recipe is from Pinch of Nom.

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