Meal Plan 20/2

Annddddd it’s back to school! I was actually pleasantly surprised this morning, the kids got off ok, no one was dragging their heels too much… it will be worse tomorrow won’t it? It’s always the sneaky second day. We worry about getting sorted on the first day, but it’s that second one when we are all shattered that is the kicker!

So this week, I think I’m going to go easy on myself, be a little gentle with myself and ease back in… also I didn’t meal plan all of last week, and it was HARD going.

Monday :: Satay chicken kebab

I use my own marinade for chicken and then I have bought some satay dipping sauce from Lidl – the plan is to grab some pitta bread and use that to make some tasty grub! This is from BBC Good Food – always a great place if you’re looking for a trustworthy recipe.

Tuesday :: Bacon Mac n Cheese

Literally planning to make a mac n cheese and then just crumble some cooked bacon into it. Bosh.

Wednesday :: Chicken Kievs

I don’t know why but when I was writing this last night, I really fancied a homemade chicken kiev – so thats the plan. I will do some potatoes with it too. This deliciousness is from Will cook for smiles.

Thursday :: Mexican Beef Hash

This is a recipe I have from Hello Fresh and I still make it on the reg – it’s delicious!

Friday :: Chicken Fried rice

This beauty is from Taming Twins – one of my absolute faves! CFR is something Toby absolutely loves, I never understand why he doesn’t go for it from the takeaway, but here we are!

Saturday :: Nachos & fajitas

This time I thought I would do a nachos sharing platter – it’s been ages since I’ve done it and I think everyone will enjoy it! With the fajitas for something a little more substantial.

Sunday :: Roast

I have been really craving one again lately!

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