Meal Plan 18/07

Welp, it’s hot. Might be too hot.

Nahh, I refuse to complain – whilst Adam is hiding inside next to the fan, I’m living my best life sat in the sun typing this. I really do love the heat, but I have to say I find it makes meal planning REALLY hard. What do you feed a bunch of people who refer to salad as rabbit food, or veggie haters that won’t appreciate anything on the BBQ but the meat? It’s tough work BUT I am determined to power through!

No point looking at last week because there were only a couple of days where the whole fam was around and I cooked.

Monday :: Grilled chicken with Salad

FOR THE WIN! It’s just me, Adam and Toby eating this evening, so it’s going to be a case of salad with some marinated chicken as Tobes is pretty good with salads and will eat lettuce etc

Tuesday :: Grilled chicken Kabob

I’m going to do these with some simple boiled potatoes. You can’t go wrong with that, right? The recipe is from Eating on a Dime.

Wednesday :: Traybake fajitas… again

Honestly, a go to when it’s so hot. It’s easy, it’s delicious and I can even do it cold so no one is complaining. The Lazy Dish for this recipe.

Thursday :: Hello Fresh bangers and mash

Hello Fresh makes life so easy, honestly it’s one of those things that I do upon occasion and love every time!

Friday :: End of Term movie night!

We will probably have a takeaway, if not we may make our own pizzas!

Saturday :: Homemade chicken burgers

These look insane – I will probably just do them with a burger bun and that will be it, I may add some fries… Find the recipe at Cooktoria.

Sunday :: Spag Bol

An easy winner, perfect for hot days too.

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