Meal Plan – 13/01

Oh hello! New week in a new year and January got off to a fab start right? WRONGGGGG!

What a way to start our year back to reality. We had a wonderful time in NYC and then Edith picked up a bug on the plane which she dutifully shared with the whole family (excluding me, the only member of the family that actually needs/warrants a day in bed). It’s been pukes-ville over here, which means that the meal plan was a little off the last week, but I think we stuck to it reasonably well, all things considered.

  • Monday :: Slow cooker chicken curry – always a winner. I did it with some naans.. I had actually ordered a full fanccyyyy banquet but totally forgot to cook the Saag aloo and bombay potatoes … and onion bajis. Never mind eh?!
  • Tuesday :: Spag Bol – I always make so much of this that we have enough for lunch the next day, but actually, I had even more because Edith and Reuben both had the bug so we ended up with loads and they had a small bowl of plain spaghetti.
  • Wednesday :: Sausage & Mash – was a winner, everyone had some, only for Adam and Toby to start the following day with a vom bug of their own… nice.
  • Thursday :: Cottage pie – There was no point, I was really down because I spent my birthday exhausted from a 4am wake up and caring for a poorly people and not poorly people who couldn’t got o school thanks to the 48hr rule, so I did plain pasta with a bit of butter (LOL, what a first world problem eh?). No one really wanted anything and I had toast for my dinner.
  • Friday :: Take away – we had one, albeit an unenthusiastic one. Adam was “still a bit wobbly” – made a remarkable recovery for football the following day though, of course – and the kids were all peachy. I felt like there was a bag of ferrets in my tummy, wiggling about, but I can you imagine the horror on the kid’s faces if mummy decided to dare to be ill?
  • Saturday – chicken tonight with rice – we ate it, it was lovely, no one threw it up.
  • Sunday – Stuffed peppers with fish fingers – I ended up doing pizza. I’m knackered guys, this week was HARD and the appreciation levels at an all time low, so I fed the kids pizza. Adam wasn’t around because he had organised himself a fancy sporting weekend. Yay. For. Him.

So, going forward into a new week, I’m endeavouring to keep it simply again but this week I really want to ramp up the (hidden) veggies:

Monday :: Chicken fried rice

I really wanted to try out one that I had seen on insta but couldn’t find the recipe – anyway, this one looks lovely, I think that the kids will eat it and if I cut the veggies reeeeeeally small, Edith will do too! The recipe is by So Une here.

Tuesday :: Veggie Lentil meatballs in a curry sauce

I think these look delish, but I’m not sure how the rest of the family will feel about them. They seem to be a bit falafal-y which should go down well but… well, we’ll give it a go as our curve ball of the week. The recipe is from Earth of Maria and will be served with rice.

Wednesday :: Creamy tomato one pot pasta

This sounds lovely – I’m not aiming for vegan so I might skip the cashew nut sauce and just make a simply creamy tomato one ( or buy one…) Recipe from Food with Feeling.

Thursday :: Shakshuka

I love shakashuka, and I think as the kids (boys, ignore Edith when food is mentioned, shes a curve ball of her own) are getting older, they will be more welcome to trying it. Roo loves fried eggs, Toby loved scrambled, so now we’re over the egg issue of 2019 I think we’re good to go! This recipe is from Lil and Life.

Friday :: Take away night!

Saturday :: Black bean burgers

Will they love them? Who knows. The three of them aren’t bad at eating burgers, it’s not something that they routinely ask for but they can and do enjoy them (even Edith…) so I thought I would give this a shot. I LOVE veggie burgers by the way, but I won’t eat beef burgers! Recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Sunday :: Cottage pie.

The one I said I was going to cook last week and then everyone got poorly!

H 🙂 xx

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