The ingenious breastvest, turns all tops into nursing tops

Breastvest the ultimate nursing accessory via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

Breastvest turns every top into a nursing top – it covers your post natal belly in a comfortable and easy to wear way.

I love my breastvest! I have to say one of the things I dislike the most about nursing in public isn’t having my breast exposed because what I am doing is nurturing and feeding my child in a perfectly natural way, but I hate having my belly on show – especially at the moment while it is in no fit state to be seen!

The idea behind  is that it is worn as well as your nursing bra and covers your postnatal tummy so you can your baby without the nerves and the discomfort of being exposed. What I love the most is that the vest doesn’t roll up or have exposed sides, it is streamline and covers your front and back midriff, meaning that all the tops you have in your wardrobe are suddenly nursing tops! Hooray!

The vest sits perfectly and comfortably just under your nursing bra and is held in place by shoulder straps, specially designed not to interfere with the nursing bra’s straps (and they actually work!).

You can find breastvest vest here – and you need to be quick because they have a special offer on for all of their limited edition colours!

Harriet x

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