Globee – a very cool way to help children settle during a move to a new city.

Globee via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

The london Globee, all of London’s historical features and more in a fantastic globe!

I love these globes!

Globee was originally set up with the intention to create a fun reminder of a honeymoon or a family trip, but more and more they are becoming a great way to help children settle into a new environment.

Say for example you move, because one you parents has a new job, from London to Amsterdam, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a Globee to either remind the child of London, acting as a soother or even to help them adjust to their new surrounding in Amsterdam by building up to the move and learning more and more about the city that is going to become home.

What’s more the globes also come as night lights giving you the chance to talk to your kids about what their family back home might be doing etc. Or for a totally different swing on things you could get a Globee to remember a wonderful holiday, and talk about all the things you did and learnt!

I really do think that these globes could be a really useful tool to help children settle during a move, especially if they have fond memories or want to absorb all that new information!

Check the globes at Globee out here.

Harriet x

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