Our Ginger Bread House Mould and the fun we have with it!

Recently I have been looking at activities I can do with Reuben in the kitchen that will bring a bit of Christmassy feel to our lives.

Roo decorating his gingerbread house, maybe hide some of the sprinkles!

Roo decorating his gingerbread house, maybe hide some of the sprinkles!

I stumbled across this ginger bread house mould on one of my many trips to the Lakeland website, a bit of an addiction for me after having a mother who trained as a cordon bleu chef in France, and spent so much time (trying!) to teach me to bake properly and the value of good equipment!

Every year around this time we see gingerbread houses galore coming into the supermarkets and bakeries, and I always want to be able to do one myself at home but sadly, it comes out as a square lump that no one really minds breaking up to eat!

Well no more! With the Lakeland ginger bread house mould I can make that perfect house that is the envy of everyone. Whats more, its so easy to do, Reuben and I can do it together! Baking is so fun and beneficial in teaching toddlers so many things. I also love the fact that if you are not a fan of gingerbread (my husband isn’t), this mould can be used with chocolate, ice, cake and the list goes on!

I would strongly recommend taking a look at the various moulds the Lakeland have at the moment, these would make an inexpensive, yummy gift for grandparents or other family members.

Harriet x

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