Do you encourage Santa?

Santa isn’t real??!

Santa: Troublesome lie or harmless fun?

Santa: Troublesome lie or harmless fun?

Ok, of course I’m kidding!

As adults we have come to understand (sadly) that Santa Claus/Father Christmas is just a story based on a concept of giving and on the real Saint Nick, but I have been coming across more and more posts recently about The ‘Santa Claus lie’ and how unhealthy it is to lie to your children about the figure of Santa at this time of year.

This got me thinking. In our home we do encourage Santa, my boys (Reuben at least) spend a lot of the run up to Christmas asking when Santa is coming and believing that he is sending him little advent calendar gift, and constantly watching to make sure he will get all his gift on Christmas day. Am I wrong to encourage this?

Psychologists seem to vary on whether they agree with ‘Santa’ as a way of stimulating your child’s imagination or whether they believe it is a harmful lie that will break down the parenting trust bond. I found this article by David Kyle Johnson interesting, but couldn’t bring myself to agree. I just love the pleasure that believing brings Reuben and I remember from my own childhood that i never felt betrayed by my parents for encouraging my belief.

I like to think of ‘Santa’ as a symbol now I’m older and I think that is just something that kids come to accept. I believe that when the time is right they will come to know that Santa isn’t a person, but more a state of mind that brings magic and happiness to an otherwise very harsh and unfair world. Christmas is a time for giving and wonder, right? So if thats the case aren’t we, as parents, just giving the gift of happiness?

How do you feel about it all? Do you encourage Santa?  I would love to know your thoughts and what you do with your children.

Harriet x

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