The best Rapunzel toys and Tangled gifts! Thanks to Edith’s new obsession…

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I really didn’t think that I would be able to write this kind of gift guide any time soon, but it would appear that Edie has developed an obsession with Disney’s Tangled, and by proxy Rapunzel. I can’t tell you how much this excites me – not because of the whole stereotype thing, Toby loves princess toys too, but he prefers to play with his brother who has no interest – I adore Disney Princess films and dolls, it’s just my thing, so to be able to share something already with Edie is the same amount of excitement her Daddy has when she waves at the football.

I have found the one thing that will get her to sit without me for long enough for me to dress the boys AND give them breakfast in the morning! In light of this with it being Christmas I’ve been having a look for Rapunzel toys for her and for her birthday, mainly little things because of her age but as I’ve been going along I’ve noticed some AMAZING bigger things that I absolutely wanted to share with you all. I’ve broken my no highstreet rule (again) but hey, the highstreet isn’t all that bad right? I’ve tried to include some wonderful finds from independents and crafters too so check them out.

Please try to buy from small retailers if you can – they sell a lot of these toys and it will totally mean more to them than the big conglomerates!

Disney’s Hair Glow Rapunzel £34.00

She lights up and sings a 3-4 bar ditty of ‘I see the light’. Edith saw this in the local supermarket and started waving and cooing… is that bad, that she loves a TV character so much? I think it is but my laundry has been put away and I’ve completed today’s work load without pulling my hair out sooo….

Mini Animator Rapunzel Set £15.95

This is cute, c’mon, that horse! Usually Animator dolls from Disney are collectables so this is a really sweet play set version. I love that they have included the easel, her guitar and two other characters. I think it’s a brilliant price for this one too!

DisneyLand Paris light up Rapunzel Snow Globe £35.00

I really do think this is such a beautiful decoration for a little girls (or boys if he has a Rapunzel thing!) bedroom. It lights up and glows so it has a little something extra on top of your usual snow globe.

Rapunzel & Flynn Rider Peg doll boat set £20.24

I think this is perfect if you are looking for something different to the usual plastic disney standard toys. This is handmade and all wooden, making it super durable and really sweet.

Tangled Rapunzel Story Stones £20.00

These are fab! Great way to encourage older children to make their own story. Like with all story stones you randomly choose a stone at a time and build upon the story with each stone. Very cute travel toy for Rapunzel lovers!

Rapunzel and the lanterns art print £11.44

This is a beautiful art print, something that you would love to hang as well as your child, plus it is a little bit different to the mass produced posters.

Rapunzel’s tower LEGO set £35.00

This is so cool, I want it! Lego is now, and will always be, a perfect gender neutral toy – the rebranding irritates me to death! I know that when Edie is older she will love defending her rapunzel tower against the ninja turtles, she might even rescue bat man from joker….

Rapunzel Deluxe Costume £35.00

So, if you are a Rapunzel fan, it is going to be your dream to dress sup as her right? The boys are both obsessed with dressing up as superheroes, transformers and even fairies, so I actively encourage dress up. We do have a massive box filled with things and I think that it’s something you really can’t go wrong with. This is the official Disney one, but there are thousands of dresses out there.

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