February Favourites :: What I loved this month!

I figured this might be a fitting time to start a “favourites” post, I keep seeing them on YouTube and then I’ve never done one but sort of sporadically share the things that I fall in love with, like some sort of over enthusiastic puppy that just bounds around and hollers about something at the top of her lungs.
So why not bang em all in one post and tell you what my favourite finds have been each month? I’m not really thinking of anything specific, just everything that I find through out the month that I have loved and used.
So here goes!

1.) Super Stay Matte lip ink from Maybelline – Ruler £9.99

Oh if you follow me ANYWHERE, you will know that the super stay matte lip ink is my JAM. It’s the best lipstick that I have ever found and I’m a teeny tiny bit obsessed with it. Ruler has been my favourite shade this month, it’s like a deep red but more creamy than bright – if that makes even any sense at all. The best thing is that it stays on ALLLLL day and it doesn’t dry out my lips. You can’t argue with that can you?

2.) Next super soft pastel crop jeans £24.99

Sweet baby Jesus, these jeans. So in case you have heard my dulcet whinges, I’ve been gaining weight for ages and I’ve gained enough to get up 3.5 stone so I am uncomfortable in ERRTHANG. I do now have a glorious pair of super soft, super gorgeous jeans from Next. They are roomy, they aren’t lying when they are called “super soft” and they are amazeballs. I have gone for the lilac crop version but I am SO tempted to buy some of the lemon ones and the pale blue. Luuuush!

3.) Speaking of Lush… Lush Rose Jam bubble bar £4.95

I bought this for Edith and it was (excuse the pun) lush. I absolutely loved the smell of this one and I’ll be heading over to our local York store to buy the Rose Jam wash because if they smell the same (they do) then that will be an easy one to add to next month’s favourites! This one I liked a lot as well because, although Edith and I love the shimmers and sparkles in the other bamb bombs we tried, this one didn’t have that but was still epic.

4.) Rimmel wonder wings eye liner £8.99

I used this every day in Amsterdam and though I’ve had it a while I really haven’t appreciated it enough. It makes drawing on those little wings so fecking easy. It’s one of those things that just makes doing my make up so much easier on a morning when I’m in a rush. For. The. Win.

5.) Johnson’s No More Tangles de-tangle spray £varies

As I type this I am a MAHOOSIVE Matt of hair at the back of my head. It is a knot the size of a small town. It sucks. I can’t seem to do anything about it either, my hair just knots up all the time – I wore it down a lot in Amsterdam and it really knotted up at the back. This spray is for Edith but I rarely need to use it on her hair, I find myself stealing it all the time for mine! It’s awesome and combined with a tangle teaser it makes combing out the knots so much easier.

6.) The Mini Classy Dino pants £60

If I were to play a game of never have I ever, “spent over £50 on a pair of trousers for my kiddo” would be something I would have had my glass firmly planted for… until this month. I’m not a big spender when I buy clothes for my kids, I have a load of small brands that I will spend a touch more with, but the bulk of the wardrobe is H&M with some Boden and some supermarket brands lurking. This month Toby’s beloved Dino pants from The Mini Classy finally ripped so badly across the knee that they have had to go out. He’s worn them that much. Into the GROUND. The fabric was so thin because he’s had them over a year and worn them most days. With an operation impending for him, I decided that these super soft, super cool Dino pants would be an investment
but a worthwhile one… so I bought three pairs. Adam nearly died. I nearly died. They are 100% worth it though. I promise.


So that’s it really this month, have you got any favourites that you have absolutely loved?

H 🙂

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  1. March 3, 2018 / 11:39 pm

    Great post. I do a seasonal favourites on my blog but it’s so jam-packed I should probably go monthly instead. I think it was yourself that I saw recommending the Johnsons No More Tangles over on instagram – I picked some up for my curly-haired one year old soon after and it’s amazing stuff!

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