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As you might know we’ve recently come back from DisneyWorld, and quite frankly I’d be happy to make that my annual holiday for the rest of my life, but alas, Adam has different ideas. He wants to visit different places around the world and vetoed my desire to buy a time share (which we… Continue reading

When we visited Florida recently, one of the things the kids and Adam were most excited about was visiting Universal Studios. It was definitely something on Adam’s bucket list, after all, he is a huge geek when it comes to Transformers after spending his childhood playing with the toys and has somehow managed to… Continue reading

Tips for coping with Jet lag

Jet lag has ever really been an issue for me, despite travelling to America a few times as a teen and the Caribbean as a young adult, I’ve always just brushed it off. I mean, nothing a bottle of wine and a day in bed with crap TV can’t solve right?

Unless you’re a parent,… Continue reading


I know I’ve hardly mentioned it at all, in fact, brace yourselves as this may come as a shock BUT… We’re officially on holiday now! As you’re reading this, we’ll be in DisneyWorld, jet lagged and wondering how we managed to survive a 9 hour flight with 3 totally batshit kids.

Don’t despair though (as… Continue reading


We often get comments about our decision to take the kids to Disney World at such a young age. Usually along the lines of “Oh but they won’t remember it!” Or “but what’s the point, they’re too young”. I have to say it’s something I questioned myself – Edith isn’t quite 2, in fact she’s… Continue reading


Let’s talk about the sun.

We don’t get to see it all that often in the UK do we? Obviously not we’re headed off to sunny Florida in less than two weeks, I’m feeling a little bit like the unprepared, moronic uncle figure who isn’t really sure what he’s doing. Some websites tell you to… Continue reading


For years I had my daily schlep within the baby and children’s product industry, advising parents on various topics and the such, and one of the things I would hear every single time a customer needed help with their holiday purchases would be ‘Oh god what do I do on the plane?’. I mean let’s… Continue reading