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Lately my girl and I have been spending a lot more time together one on one. It’s occurred to me that I never really had much by way of one to one time with Edith, I’ve always struggled to find a proper balance and even when she has been alone with us and her… Continue reading


I don’t really do gift guides terribly often, I just don’t think they are that fun to create and I prefer other work, however I do like reading gift guides. I often feel like after ten years I’m beginning to wonder what the hell to buy Adam for certain occasions – he collects fuckball, oops… Continue reading


I’m pretty confident I read a million and one baby books (while I was working at Mothercare and the day was slow – don’t hate, retail is a bore) and every. single. one. told me that Edith would/should/could be sleeping through the night by now. Yet for all the shoulda, woulda, couldas in the world,… Continue reading


I am not usually the type of person to get particularly upset by “news”, in fact, I’m a down right apathetic person at times, especially when it comes to the murder and mayhem that the BBC seem to thrust at me every time I check the app. It’s depressing and I’ve always maintained that getting… Continue reading

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