My wonderful Snüzpod crib from The Little Green Sheep & 10% discount for all readers!

The Snüzpod crib by The Little Green Sheep via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

The only bedside crib that can be stand alone AND a bassinet, plus remain a super stylish piece of furniture in your home!

I am absolutely captivated by my wonderful Snüzpod crib from The Little Green Sheep, it is just everything I could have asked for and more!

Not only is the crib super stylish in it’s design, but it is also one of the most multifunctional cribs I have ever come across.

The Snüzpod crib by The Little Green Sheep via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

If I could have had Toby sleeping like this with me life would have been so much easier! Not to mention those lazy night feeds…


The Snüzpod crib can be a bedside crib, with one side down to allow a safe and comfortable co-sleeping position for both myself and the baby. I remember for the first 9 days of Toby’s life he was insistent on sleeping wrapped across my neck and chest, and neither of us got a terribly good nights sleep, after that, he discovered that he HATED his moses basket and would wake all the time, just for a cuddle and to feed, but mainly for comfort. If I had had this option, I would have slept more securely myself and Toby would have been able to have the physical contact that he needed. That isn’t to say that co-sleeping in Mummy and Daddy’s bed isn’t a safe option if done correctly and the guidelines for safe co-sleeping are followed, but it was just one that I didn’t feel comfortable with, and I doubt I would this time. So this makes the ultimate compromise for me and I love it!

The other thing that I loved about this crib was that it can be a stand along crib, so if I find that want to use the Snüzpod crib without the option of the open side, I can, anywhere I choose. I remember with Reuben that we moved his moses basket a bit further away from our bed just before he went into his own room, but for parent’s who wanted to have a stand alone crib in another room of the house, this would be perfect. Which leads me very nicely to the last part of fabulousness from the Snüzpod crib…

The Snüzpod crib by The Little Green Sheep via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

The Snüzpod crib is just so clever in the way that it adjusts and adapts to every baby’s need. Bit like parent’s really, we are all different and as such our baby’s have different needs and wants.

It can be a bassinet! Hooray! I don’t have to keep my old moses basket for during the day (which was worrying me with two extremely active older brother’s running about – would she be safe?) and I don’t have to lug a really heavy crib downstairs! Instead in the morning I can take the top part of the Snüzpod downstair with me and the boys and I can place it in the corner of the room where I know there is a firm, solid structure which can house my little lady while she sleeps and the boys won’t be able to knock it over or ‘squash’ it’s sides down.

The Snüzpod crib by The Little Green Sheep via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

The organic cotton bedding is sublime, 100% organic and totally chemical free. It’s perfectly soft for that perfectly soft skin.

I am also loving the organic cotton sheets and blankets that came with the Snüzpod, they are just so soft and totally chemical free, which puts my mind at ease as a mummy and let’s me feel secure knowing that she has something that she can lay her little face on without any worry 🙂

Now that I have told you how amazing they are and I’m convinced you will want to order one for your own baby or a baby in your family, I am so proud to announce that as a ‘Friend of the Flock’ blogger, I can offer my readers a non-expiring, unlimited 10% discount on all The Little Green Sheep products, which means you can use it as often as you like, on whatever you like! The code is LGSTR10.

As soon as baby is here I will be no doubt spending most of my time taking pictures of her in her Snüzpod (at 3am no doubt!) and I would love for you to join me on my instagram or Facebook page where I will probably be baby spamming hourly! For now you can see how the Snüzpod crib works from the pictures above, isn’t it adorable!? So excited to meet my little girl now and get her in it!

For more information on The Little Green Sheep and their wonderful products you can visit their site here, or even like their Facebook page for additional competitions, discounts and more!

Harriet x


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