Valentine’s Day style for kids 2016

Valentine's Day style for kids 2016 via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

I have never really been a big fan of Valentine’s Day, in fact, Adam and I rarely bother nowadays, we still get each other a gift and try to maybe go for a meal but we don’t do cards and we don’t bother if we can’t get out together. It’s just another day really… unless you look at it as an excuse to dress your kids in the cutest outfits and make sweet treats in the shape of hearts – now you can colour me interested!

I am super excited for the Valentine’s Day style and fashions this year, for two reasons. One I am looking forward to putting Edie in something pink, red or frilly – or a combination of it all – and watching people coo at her all day. I know, I know, it shouldn’t matter about gender and I do practice what I preach, but being a woman who likes what society terms ‘girly’ I’m in my element over here. The second reason is Reuben has a Valentine’s Day disco to attend! His first ever!! Super excited for that and considering dressing him in red velvet, combing his hair to a 50’s style and bow ties, but instead I’m going to subdue the side of me that wants to do that to him and rely on some of my favourite fashion brands to provide me with some inspiration!

  1. Rose Cashmere Cardigan from Oliver Baby & Kids £55
  2. Patent Red Crib Shoes from Bloch £21.70 (sale)
  3. Heart Ballet Pumps from Bloch £37.20 (sale)
  4. Heart Party Dress from Rachel Riley London £26.70 (sale)
  5. Burgundy Chino trousers with Dino keychain from BillyBandit £21.70 (sale)
  6. Red Cord trousers from Gant £31.50 (sale)
  7. Dehli Flamingo Dress in Pink from Milk on the Rocks £43.88
  8. Cupid’s Heart Tutu Dress from Tutu Du Monde $144.38
  9. Red Cashmere Jumper from Ralph Lauren £66.00 (sale)
  10. Pink Tulle Heart dress from H&M £14.99
  11. Alex Eagle x Elfie Reversable Red Dungarees from Elfie £54.00
  12. “Spread A Little Love” Charity Tee from Doodle Do £17.50

So there you have it, something for everyone!

H x

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