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It’s making it’s way towards the end of the school year, I don’t honestly know how we’re almost in May already!

In just a few short months the school year will end, one more half term to go and then it will be the extra long 6 weeks summer holiday. With the summer holidays drawing ever closer it has come to my attention that we aren’t that far away from Edith starting school, less than a year as she will start in March 2019. Our school offers a pre-reception class which is exactly the same as reception but none obligatory and it is SO useful for getting the littles used to school and integrated in their class.

Last week Edith was looking at the few pictures that I have hanging up in the hallway and declared that the “babies are me” in the pictures… but they aren’t. I have a confession to make here: not a single picture hanging on the wall is of Edith! We have hundreds, possibly even thousands of digital pictures of my girl and her brothers but none adorn the walls – a fact that she wasn’t aware of until I confessed and something that she did NOT take too kindly to. In all honesty, we’ve been so busy of late that the most up to date pictures of the kids are from before Toby started school, almost 2 years old!

As the end of the school year approaches this is something that we have decided to rectify – there must be newer pics that we can pop on the wall, and in doing so we decided to go big and begin the photo wall that I have always wanted by using Snapfish slim line canvas photos.

Snapfish offer a variety of different sizes but the fact that I could sync my Instagram and then print in square meant that my job was so much easier! I’d like to have a variety of sizes but for now I’ve styled out my hallway and hung the pictures climbing up the wall, we are renovating the house and totally changing the layout of the downstairs so once that is down, the hallway will be really open plan and airy, leaving plenty more space for hanging pictures of the kids. Edith is so excited to keep telling us that she is finally in the pictures on the wall and we finally have a more up to date space in our house. I also love their personalisation ideas, you can add text (something that we will be doing with our images from Portugal) and even little embellishments.

Looking to the future I think I’ve become a bit of a Snapfish lover and I have a whole host of ideas for how to make our spaces a little bit friendlier, such as keeping the kids artwork in one place with their artwork book which you scan in to your computer and then upload for them to create a perfect book full of your little one’s designs – which you can even categorise to make it an annual thing with their best work included. I also love the idea of having a peg wall with polaroid sized pictures pegged and interchangeable every so often, perhaps hanging across our bed with fairy lights.

What I didn’t know (and what Reuben has been asking for) is that Snapfish also do a really cute blanket, created from your photos!

So many different options and ideas, all really affordable and easy to do. We even have a discount code to share with you so you can get 40% off sitewide, use the code SCHOOLFUN at the checkout point.

H 🙂

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