The ultimate breastfeeding accessory from Loveyush

Loveyush Breastfeeding scarves via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

Just enough room for mum and baby to see each other, while creating a quiet and darker environment for baby to relax in!

Loveyush Breastfeeding scarves via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

I love the patterns of the Loveyush scarves! So stylish, you would never guess that they were breastfeeding covers!

I am most certainly a confident breastfeeder, and I have no issue with plonking myself down pretty much anywhere to feed my baby if she needs it, after all, it is a natural thing to do and if a baby is hungry then woe betide the person who stands in the way of their food!

That being said, sometimes I find that both myself and Edith could use some quiet time – us time… something that I can’t give her (or myself) at a kiddies play centre with two boys to monitor! I also find that my husband┬ácan be quite nervous sometimes if I am feeding, often if it is in busy areas or if I don’t have a top that gives me easy access – he worries that other’s might stare or be offensive, simple because he feels the need to protect us.

That is why I am IN LOVE with my Loveyush breastfeeding scarf.

It gives me and Edith the privacy that we sometimes want, that quiet time where she can feel my skin and hear my heartbeat without being subjected to lots of movement around her or loud noises. I feel that I don’t always have to worry about whether this top is up or down, the nipple is on show if she has fallen off… or anything else for that matter. The cover is so functional because it looks like a normal poncho or scarf, can be worn as a scarf when you aren’t in need of it (or simply don’t need to use it for that feed because baby is wide awake and wants to look around!) and can even be used to cover baby’s car seat while giving you access to the handle – perfect for those windy school runs!

Loveyush feeding scarves come in a wide range of styles and colours to suit everyone, I love my simple black scarf because it goes with everything and keeps things dark for Edie when she needs it.

You can find Loveyush here and you can also find their Facebook page here.

Harriet x

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