Things I’ve loved Sept 2020

Oohhh I haven’t done one of these in a while. You know when you put a month on something and it kind of implies that this will be a monthly thing but you absolutely 150% do not have any ability to stick to something and commit to a monthly thing? (That is a lie, I can commit to monthly things if you’re reading this as a potential client…)


I thought I would do a round up of the things that I have been loving this month, probably thrown in are some things from last month too… so many a “things I’ve loved recently-ish” is an accurate one. There are a mix of things here, from TV and books to clothes and then random shizzle. I will be using affiliate links because mama gotta get that bread and I would hope none of you would begrudge me 37p on your purchase.

OK! Let’s do this:

Thermos Flasks for the kids

I’ll take ‘needs to get a life’ for 100, Alex. Yes, I know I’m very uncool, but nothing has filled me with more joy than using up leftovers and giving the kids daily hot lunches. It’s a.) easier than making sandwiches every morning and b.) I know they have a hot meal at school without having to pay for the meals I was giving them and I didn’t think was worth it.

I’m incredibly impressed with three brands – two I bought and one was gift. S’nack by S’well is Edith’s Frozen container, Chilly’s food pots are the boys and then we have a slightly larger one that Reuben has used a few times that is by Hydr8. They have all done really well in keeping the kid’s lunch warm.

Scentsy waxes and warmers

Ok, a few things here. I know Scentsy is an MLM scheme and normally I would automatically dismiss it for that reason BUT I really do love it, same as I loved Pampered Chef and same as I’ve loved Avon and Body Shop for years. I don’t endorse MLMs, I mean it’s a pyramid scheme with a fancy hat on and that’s illegal for a reason BUT here we are. I do, however, have a lovely friend who made an educated decision to start selling Scentsy because she was spending a fortune on it and she wanted to make a bit of cash on the side. I am smitten with the pretty wax warmers, they aren’t leaving horrible burn marks up my wall and the wax smells AMAZING. It is pricey, but to be honest I’m spending less than I was every month on candles in Homesense. Current fave scents are Autumn Road Trip, Lemon Blossom Basil (Scentsy why would you discontinue this you wallies?), Jammy Time and Luna. I would 100% have a burner in every room.

Warrior Nun

Oh I really loved this! It was such a great watch and to be honest, I think if you’re a Buffy fan, you will probably like this. Another one is Umbrella Academy season 2, but I’ve found that a bit slower in parts than the first. The last few episodes were FIRE. I really enjoyed parts of The Fall (Hello, Gillian Anderson? Marry me please.) BUT I found it reeeeeally slow and annoying in parts. Ok, he has a face I would like to sit on but I’m not going to fall in love with him when he’s a crazy mass murderer m’kay?

Josie Quinn book series by Lisa Regan

I’m not even sure if I didn’t mention these in my last ‘Faves” post, but I ruddy love the series. Every single book (and I’m on 8 out of 9) has an immaculately executed twist. It’s just deliciously put together, well thought out and beautifully written. I’m in love with strong female detective characters!

Our new Kitten (to be!)

Yay, we are getting a new kitten as a COMPLETE surprise for Toby. He has no clue at all and I can’t wait to see how excited he is. He’s become even more clingy towards ‘Nala and Mushu’ (our siamese girls who passed away) constantly asking about them and stroking their cat ornament urns. This is even more perfect because it’s his birthday on 9th Nov and we can pick up his new furry friend on 8th! How well does that work?! So many perfect plans in place and I can’t wait – as always I will be sharing them on IG.

This cardigan from and other stories

Look at it. It’s bloody glorious. It’s here.

So that’s it! Those are my faves this month, will I be back next month? Who knows? I’ll give it a go, but I make no promises!

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  1. Avatar September 24, 2020 / 8:36 am

    Lily would LOVE those little Frozen thermos flasks and it would be lovely to give her a hot school lunch as she usually has sandwiches.

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