September 2021 faves

I can’t believe that in a few weeks it’s Halloween, and then Christmas… and 2022! In a few months it will be two years since the start of the pandemic. MAD. Anyway, I had a few things that I’ve been loving at the moment and I thought that maybe now was as good a time as any for doing a little “faves” post.

What I loved to watch…

Angel on Disneyplus

I was OBSESSED with Buffy and Angel, so when I binged Buffy during lockdown 2, I was dismayed to find that I couldn’t find Angel (unless I was willing to pay £30 to buy it… which I was not!) Anyhoo, it’s back on DisneyPlus and I’m so loving the nostalgia!

What I’ve been reading…

Readly app

This app has become my new obsession – I worked with them on instagram and since it has become my go-to place for recipes, crafting ideas and a general lazy browse on my phone! The app has over 5000 magazines, and you can bookmark things that you liked (recipes for example), save fave mags so you get them weekly and even download everything to read offline. I love it!

My beauty babe has been…

Neutrals nail polish

So much love for this trend, especially like coffee colours and muted browns, I have as of yet to get my paws on any shades that I have seen in the glossy pages, I’ve only got one neutral that I’m crushing on hard, but I want more!

My fashion fave…

Autumnal Midi dresses

I feel like I’ve really missed Autumnal dresses and I’ll be honest my collection feels a bit meh. I have been scouting out new season dresses and I’m obsessed with New Look, River Island and Oasis in particular.

My foodie fave has been…

Bubble tea

Ok, not a “foodie” as such but sort of. When I was in London last week I had bubble tea for the first time from the legendary Cuppacha – my friend was telling me how much I would hate it and how awful it was but guys, I loved it! I went for Strawberry Milk tea with tapioca bubbles. I’m in London again tomorrow and you best believe I will be going in and saying just make me something!

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