Root Vue Farm, the ultimate gardening product that every mini gardener needs!

Root Vue Farm via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

This is perfect for mini gardeners everywhere – educational and super fun, not to mention it looks pretty nifty in the garden!

This is such a cool idea, and one that I really think should be implemented in every school or home garden. Kids love to plant and grow veg, flowers… pretty much anything they can get their little mittens on.

The problem is, while the kids LOVE planting those carrots, it’s a long time (for them) between planting and seeing an end result, and they really have to take your word for it about what is going on. With Root Vue Farm that problem is solved because they can watch the seeds they have planted grow into vegetables or plants through the glass panel. So much fun!

Here is what the kit comes with:

  • Root Vue Unit High impact styrene light shield to keep plants growing at the window
  • Bio Power Grow Mix Tablets
  • Plant Identification Labels
  • Carrot, Radish and Onion Seeds
  • “Root Race”Markers and
  • Growing Chart 2-sided Poster with “If Plants Could Talk”on one side and Tested Experiments and Instructions on the other.

So you are all set up and don’t even need to worry about buying the seeds! I think that next year I will definitely be getting one of these along with some extra fun seeds from In the Koop (which you can read about here) so my mini gardeners can garden and cook veg to their hearts content!

You can get hold of one of these awesome planters here.

Harriet x

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