What we read : Unique books for kids: Infographics from Big Picture Press


Infographics: Human Body.


The workings of the heart.


Brain box, the brain explained.


Muscles: Why do we have them, what do they do?

I love Big Picture Press. I know I’ve said it before, but they keep producing such darn awesome books and, well, me and my books for kids… and anyone really!

The latest edition to their already amazing roster is Infographics: Human Body by Peter Grundy. As usual the illustrations are like nothing you have ever seen, so gorgeous and simply divine, but what really stands out for me is that this book is essentially teaching children (and the odd adult) what really happens in their bodies and how our bodies work – but you would never in a million years guess that or get bored.

The way the topic is put across is fun and imaginative, its exciting and clever.

In addition to Infographaics: Human body, there is also Infographics:Animal Kingdom by Nicholas Blechman, another literary delight.


Infographics: Animal Kingdom


The coolest facts about man’s best friend.


Poles apart: What animals live where and why?


Big bellies, one that Toby and Roo will certainly enjoy as they are bottomless pits themselves!

This book holds some of the most amusing, enlightening and fascinating stories and facts about animals; for example, did you know that a snake uses it’s tongue to navigate? Well now you do!

You can buy the books on amazon, I have mine on order for the boys at the moment and we cannot wait to get them!

Harriet x

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