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So here is baby! 18 weeks, this is our 4D scan picture. Can you believe how defined baby is? Isn’t it magical!

What’s happening to baby this week?

Baby is now about the size of a bell pepper and is busy making lots of movements with his/her arms and legs that you might feel already! The blood vessels are visible through the thin skin, and the ears are now in their final position. A protective covering of myelin is beginning to form around baby’s nerves, and surprisingly this will continue for a year after baby’s born. Whether you are having a boy or girl all of the reproductive organs are present and in place – amazing right?

The reality: How have I been feeling this week?

This week has been a real jumble. Obviously, there are the hormones which have given me a mixture of extreme excitement and happiness all the way to genuine exhaustion and quite formidable lows. I still haven’t got the ability to sleep the night through (something that I haven’t done for a time with these boys, but it seems worse at the moment) so that level of tiredness seems to give me bouts of real lows. I have to use the word depression because I don’t feel it is anywhere near that bad, but the week has been up and down. As a family we have had some shocking news and that seems to have rocked the boat for everyone. On a positive, I have had no signs of dizziness, sickness or anything else! Hooray!

II’ve still got my slightly more nutritious food bug, though baby does still seem to appreciate fatty rubbish! I think because it is coming to much colder weather now, and I love having things like warming stews and hearty home cooked meals, that has made a huge difference in my taste buds.

We had our official 20 week scan this week too, and it was awesome, despite the fact that my husband had to work yet again! That is every scan now he has missed, I feel so sorry for him that he has missed the opportunity to see our amazing little one grow! The pictures are fab though, we have some lovely ones of little ones foot and a great 4D version!


None really this week. I’m trying to encourage myself to eat more with the boys, I enjoy the food I’ve cooked for them and I get the same nutritional boost that they do. I’m also trying to eat more yoghurt, we make our own using Easi-yo, which you can read about here.

The bad, adorable and downright funny.


Reuben and Toby have both been so funny this week, especially as I had to take them along to the scan with me. Toby wasn’t too interested but Reuben kept trying to show him the baby. The next day he asked me if he could have a baby in his tummy and when I explained no, he said ‘Can we make one then Mama?’ No baby, Daddy and Mummy have already done that!


Reuben has been asking me a lot of questions this week, especially after he scan and he has decided that he has to say bye to mummy and baby every time he goes anywhere. He climbed into the bath with me earlier in the week and asked me if he could give the baby a big cuddle! So sweet!


The sleep, the moments of hormonal lows, the fact that my maternity jeans are feeling snug of late. All trivial, but coupled with hormones, extremely frustrating from this pregnancy!!

Harriet x



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