Organic Beauty Week: Why should you go organic?!

Did you know that it is organic beauty week this week? Well, it’s also organic month, a time to celebrate all that is organic, and I wanted to post about one of my favourite brands (especially now I’m pregnant and have to stay away from chemical products) Green People and Organic Children.

You might remember my post not so long ago about the fantastic Self Tan that I had been sent by Green People to use and trial for that summer glow that I wasn’t getting during this pregnancy, if not you can read about it here. Or what about my post about the suncream we used for the boys over the summer? You can catch that one here too but that is just the tip of the iceberg for the fab products that Green People have to offer.

So why go organic?

OBW 26 Seconds

OBW 70K ingredients

OBW 2000 Fragrance

OBW No Law

Pretty thought provoking stuff right? With Green People you know what you are getting is certified organic, they even tell you by what percentage on every product. The products smell great and make you feel fantastic!

I challenge all of my readers to look at their products (not just for yourself, but for your children too) and put them aside for this one organic month and try Green People replacements. Feel the difference and you will be converted!

You can get hold of all of the products here.

Harriet x

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