No over heating at bedtime this summer :: Children’s room decor from Numero 74.

I love this blanket from Numero 74, it is beautiful and the perfect blanket for a child's room over summer. This site has such awesome stuff!

The perfect addition to your child’s room this summer, keeping them warm and comfortable without over heating!

Ok, the weather is getting hotter¬†here, and the kids have been sleeping in pretty much nothing with their covers underneath them, but some nights the temperature drops and then they are awake… which means I’m awake. You will no doubt get why this is not a preferable thing!

With this in mind, when I came across the fabulous Numero 74 and their beautiful summer covers I was over the moon!

There are a variety of colours to suit most children’s room decor, but they are simple enough with the block colour that you could use them as an extra cover during winter. 100% cotton, handmade and traditionally dyed, these blankets are super soft and are the perfect addition to your child’s bedroom this summer.

You can find the full Numero 74 collection here.

Harriet x

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