The new Happy Meal from McDonalds

Last weekend we headed down to Laaannndan as a fambalam to visit McDonald’s with Mumsnet and celebrate the launch of their new Happy Meal item: The Grilled Chicken Wrap.

No, not kidding, we went to London with the kids to go to McDonalds and we had the best time!

McDonalds is our go to when we are travelling with the kids, there are very few places to feed them on long motorway journeys and living in the north we find ourselves either on a long motorway journey or in train stations and sometimes the only place that I know they will eat the whole meal is McDonalds. Whilst I have no issue with that, there have been occasions when we have been darting about so much and I’ve noticed that they have had Happy Meal after Happy Meal, days in a row and when their choices are chips and chicken nuggets, I can’t help but feel that nagging concern that it can’t be good for them. Everything is to be enjoyed in moderation in life, not twice a day for 3 days…

Anyway, my point: I don’t have to worry so much now that McDonalds have heard the pleas of mums, dads and happy meal lovers (no shade if you are 34 eating a Happy Meal, those toys rock and my friend you are never too old for chicken nuggets) across the UK and included the grilled chicken wrap, providing an item on the menu that is both tasty and not fried.

At the event Reuben was given a grilled chicken wrap that he devoured so rapidly I didn’t even get a picture of it (always a good sign) and a bag of carrot sticks which he really enjoyed. If your child isn’t a fan of carrot sticks then the wraps can still be a part of a Happy Meal with fries, but the options are there which takes a huge weight off my shoulders. Lettuce, ketchup, delicious grilled chicken and a tasty tortilla wrap make up the new menu option – and better yet, you can now add and remove various filling if you want to: tomato for a tomatoes fan, cucumber and onions, something that hasn’t been available for happy meals before but only as a part of the standard menu. It’s making your Happy Meal options customisable. When I mentioned Happy Meals on my Instagram stories I was really surprised by how many people messaged me to say they were frustrated that there is no vegetarian option, but alongside introducing the Grilled Chicken Wrap to the menu, McDonald’s listened when they were asked for a vegetarian option and one is currently being developed and discussed!

There is enough mum guilt floating around, I don’t want my children’s meal options to become another part of that and knowing that they have these selections makes a great difference, especially as I feel I can treat them with the new mini McFluffy and feel stress free because Edith can NEVER finish one whole one on her own (she has a love hate relationship with ice cream – she loves the first 10-20 nibbles and then hates it) so I end up with a load of ice cream and two boys nagging to finish it off, then fighting over it… finally crying over me saying no and finishing it off myself.

At the event we had the usual vibrant and fun spirit that the kids love about McDonald’s from colouring sheets on the tables to face painting and fun activities for them to indulge in. They loved it!

Adam and I are both fans of the McDonald’s burgers, I am a lover of the Chicken Legend meal with cheese and Adam loves a Big Mac or Bacon double cheeseburger so we were happy and made our own choices, without the lingering taste of guilt over what the kids were munching on.

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