My Feb Faves

It’s that tiiiiimeee. Two months in a row too, check my bad self! I actually really quite like being reflective over the last month and working out what I’ve been enjoying, it gives me chance to focus on the positive because, believe it or not, I’m a rather negative thinker!

So let’s start easy:

My favourite read this month.

You know how much I love books, and I’ve read a few this month! I think my fave read was Go The Distance, a Disney Twisted Tale. I really enjoyed the nostalgia of it, it was centred around Megara from Hercules. Meg was always one of my fave Disney characters, she’s been burned by love and heartache so many times she’s become apathetic and I GET that vibe. Plus, she’s hot. No, I’m not sorry, she was literally one of the hottest Disney characters. Highly recommend for some very light, easy going reading – great for tweens too.

My Favourite fashion find…

This dress from & Other Stories is BY FAR my fave fashion find, it’s insanely soft and cosy but also hella cute. If pink isn’t you’re thang, it’s also available in black and taupe.

My favourite beauty find this month…

I have secured my love for Benefit Gimme Brow this month by buying the giant sized one. It’s the best thing I’ve found to be honest and I really like the way it’s subtle without being too much or too little. Also a huge fan of their Boiing Concealer!

My fave haircare products…

I’ve had this for years and years but I feel like I haven’t mentioned it for a few weeks and I need to tell you about it again. The Mark Hill Pick n Mix wand is EVERYTHING, it’s so inexpensive but so good. I really need to buy some new fittings for it, I only have the medium barrel but I adore the way it looks. I did have a chopstick curler once and they make a chopstick attachment for this so maybe that is the one?

My foodie fave…

There is a new wine bar in London (well, new-ish) called Carousel that my accountant took me to for a lunch meeting and it was SO good. It was a little bit tapas-eque, the plates were small and designed for sharing with a cocktail or glass of wine and I’m very here for that!

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  1. Avatar March 7, 2022 / 12:17 pm

    What a great dress. It’s a lovely colour!

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