Meal plan :: week 3

Heyyyy, back for another week so this can officially be called a series now, check me out with my dedication to feeding my family food that they don’t appreciate or want. Boom.

So as per usual, a wee review of last week and how the meals went DOWN, let me know how your kids/fambalam found them – was there moaning? Was there any eating or could we all feed foreign lands with our waste level (which we ate ourselves, obvs)?

So last week’s menu can be found here on my meal plan for week 2 post, and this is what went down:

  • Monday : One pan Italian Chicken – This was bloody lush. I had to pester Reuben to eat the veggies though, he declared he didn’t like them and didn’t want to eat them, same with Toby but both boys loved the chicken and they did eat the veggies when pestered so I’m calling it a win. We had it with bread and butter, I would recommend potatoes or sweet potato fries.
  • Tuesday : Fish fingers with stuffed peppers – Tobes asked for seconds and Roo ate everything (Edith was ill so we’re ignoring her this week). Do I really need to say more? Kids asking for seconds is like winning a Michelin award in a restaurant.
  • Wednesay : Halloumi fajitas – I think I probably over did it on the ole pepper front this week – the boys didn’t want anymore and they moaned. Adam moaned at the lack of chicken… my Michelin star was stripped lets say that. Reuben did say it was nice.
  • Thursday : Gnocchi – we went out for a meal instead with friends. I have no regrets.
  • Fridays : Take away – they hated it. Everyone moaned, everyone asked for me to cook peppers. *insert sarcasm here*
  • Saturday : Landddannn – We had a lovely little meal in a restaurant and I didn’t have to cook for the second time this week. WIN.
  • Sunday : Pesto chicken with Orzo – it went well! Edith not so much though she ate the chicken and some of the orzo, which frankly is a win. The boys liked it too and Adam was just thrilled to have something that was meat based.

So now you know how last week went, lets have a chat about this week! I am aiming to stick to our new less meat/more veg but I will perhaps try and avoid peppers a bit…

Monday :: Tomato Spinach Chicken Spaghetti from Julia’s Album.

I mean, drool. This just looks amazing, the only bit that I can see anyone moaning about it the spinach and that is because it’s green and my family seem to see that as offensive. Especially the adults. Anyway, if you want the recipe then totally try this one.

Tuesday :: Beef & Broccoli stir fry with rice from The Savoury Tooth.

I’ve been wanting to try a beef stir fry dish for a while and this one sounds lovely, so I’m going to give it a go and see what they think. Adam hates broccoli and he’s out on Tuesday so I would this is ideal for trying when he isn’t around. Here is the recipe from The Savoury Tooth.

Wednesday :: Shakshuka from Downshiftology

I’ve done something similar to this but never without meat, usually I do a Bolognese or similar and crack the eggs over, but this just sounds so yummy. I think I will serve with refried potatoes! Here is the recipe from Shakshuka.

Wednesday :: One pan sausage & veggie bake from Chelsea Messy Apron

This looks so good! I think this will 100% be a winner from the boy’s point of view because they do love sausages and, let’s be honest, it looks scrummy. If you are looking for the recipe, here it is from Chelsea Messy Apron.

Friday :: Take away

Like old faithful, keeping the local take away in biz.

Saturday :: Baked potatoes

Thought this would be a nice easy one, I don’t have a recipe per se, I bang several big baking potatoes, wrapped in foil, in the oven on GM 6 and ask everyone what they would like them filling with. Options will include: tuna, cheese, left over chilli con carne/spag bol I would need to defrost and anything else I have in the fridge.

Sunday :: Butternut squash & stilton filo Sunday Roast from Tesco Food.

I’ve wanted to try a vegetarian alternative to a meat Sunday Roast for ages and this one just sounds lush, I think everyone will enjoy it, or at least try it. It will be served with potatoes, carrots and other veggies, with gravy. I might through in a pig in blanket or two to minimise the whinging. Here is the recipe from Tesco and if you look you will see it’s a gallery of 10 recipes so you might get an idea for an alternative roast.

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  1. Avatar February 28, 2019 / 6:47 pm

    I really need to start meal planning rather than buying a load of ingredients that really don’t go together in any way!

    That sausage one pot looks amazing! x

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