Meal plan :: Week 2

Well, last week didn’t actually go too badly, I thought it would be worse than it was but we stuck to the plan and only dropped one day and that was because we were going out for a meal!

Still aiming to keep the veggies up this week but I wanted to take a look back at last week:

  • Monday :: Pork Casserole – success was had with Edith, Adam and myself however in a bit of a shocker the boys decided that they now didn’t like this. Reuben didn’t like it at all and ate the potatoes, a few bits of meat and ignored the rest, Toby ate the potatoes and meat and then came to inform me that he didn’t like the sauce. I’m not sure if it’s because it was so creamy… maybe. Anyway, it wasn’t bad but it’s been better.
  • Tuesday :: Halloumi bake – we skipped it. We went to Nandos instead and naturally they ate like they hadn’t been fed for years. Buggers.
  • Wednesday :: Cottage Pie – I swapped this for the Halloumi bake. I’ve wanted to try the halloumi bake for so long and I really loved it, I thought it was super tasty, but the kids… not so more. Or Adam. They all declared they like the “chicken” ha! They didn’t know it was halloumi cheese so maybe it would be an idea to try out something that they would normally like like a curry but halloumi instead of meat.
  • Thursday :: I was away so there was no meal planned, I offered to slow cooker the cottage pie but daddy had already bribed the offspring with a potential McDonalds.
  • Friday :: Take away – Of course they ate it all, I didn’t spend ages cooking it.
  • Saturday :: Homemade pizza – we did use the cheap pre-made pizzas and just added our own toppings and some more cheese. They loved it and they loved doing it.
  • Sunday :: Roast – We did have a lovely lunch at a place in Thornton le Dale called The New Inn. It was lush!

So that is that, all in all I think it was a successful week, especially Edith with the pork.

So what’s up this week:

Image via Clean Food Crush (see recipe link below)

Monday : One Pan Italian Chicken from Clean Food Crush

This looks amazing! I will do it as the recipe says and just make sure that Adam doesn’t have mushrooms, but I love all of these ingredients and the asparagus is something that the kids won’t have tried before (or for a long time!) The recipe is from Clean Food Crush and you can find it here!

Tuesday :: Fish fingers with stuffed peppers

This recipe was actually the one that Toby chose as his fave when we worked with Young’s Chip shop range. Edith has always been a refuser but maybe we can encourage her! You can find the recipe here.

Image via Happy Veggie Kitchen

Wednesday :: Halloumi Fajitas from Happy Veggie Kitchen

Since they enjoyed halloumi last week it seems like it would be a good idea to see if I can encourage them to eat some more! We love fajitas, bright colourful peppers, onions and usually chicken, but this time Halloumi! This recipe is all one sheet too so that’s perfect.

Image via The Kitchn

Thursday :: Crispy sheet pan Gnocchi & Veggies from The Kitchn

This looks so colourful and the boys really loved gnocchi the last time I did it so I’m hoping that they enjoy it again, you can never be sure… Anyway, lots of peppers, cherry tomatoes (Roo’s fave) so I have high hopes for this! You can find the recipe here.

Friday :: Take away

In a shocking twist we’re having a take away on a Friday night! One day I will refuse this and the horror will be real, but nahh, I won’t really do that because then I will have to cook!


Basically whatever we can get em to eat on a train, at a party event and then in a restaurant. Lord knows tbh.

Image via The Dinner Shift

Sunday :: Tomato Pesto chicken with Orzo from The Dinner Shift

I bladddy love pesto and tomato pesto is just about tolerable for Adam who is the pickest picker next to Edith. Keep wanting to get the kids eating orzo as they all seem good with rice and this is just a nice alternative! Anyway, if you want to try this 4 ingredient, done in 20 minute dish it’s here.

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  1. Avatar February 18, 2019 / 2:22 pm

    No idea how you manage to get the photos looking this good. Like the sound of the Halloumi bake. I went vegetarian last year so anything new or tasty is appreciated.

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