Meal plan week 18/11

Ok, so firstly a bit of an apology. It’s my intention to write these on a Friday, order my food shop over the weekend to arrive on a monday morning and, frankly, the last few weeks have been shambolic.

Last week was pretty stressful. My mum was taken into hospital and I was back and forth spending 5-7 hours in a waiting room with her because they opted not to keep her in after the initial admission. It was a lot and it meant that the majority of the week we didn’t really eat anything from the meal plan. I know, not very helpful for you guys who come for a meal update to see whether or not the recipes work and are worth adding to your own meal plans, but hey. Whatcha gonna do?!

So, ignoring last week completely, I’m going to do this weeks meal plan and PRAISE BE I can stick to it without any dramas.

Monday :: Stir Fried Beef with noodles

I didn’t get to use the fine cuts of stir fry ready beef last week so you better believe I’m using them now. I’ve used this recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen this week.

Tuesday :: Spag bol

I’m not here so the plan is for the fam to eat what I whack in the pressure cooker… we will see.

Wednesday :: African inspired Peanut Stew

I know it sounds a bit random BUT I’m determined to get some veggies into us as I doubt we got our five a day once last week so I think that this veggie option sounds really tasty, a little bit different and something warming. Plus it goes in the slow cooker and as the kids have activities on Wed night I think this will be a winner. ALSO little trick for you, might not work for yours, mine are always more susceptible to trying something new when they have done activities because they are so hungry. Find the recipe from The Girl on Bloor.

Thursday :: Vegetarian Lasagne

I’ve tried veggie lasagne before and everyone enjoyed it, this recipe from Cookie and Kate is a bit different to the one I’ve used before but I am still focused on that veggie impact this week!

Friday :: Takeaway

I’m not actually here but I assume they will have one in my absence!

Saturday :: Chicken Gnocchi with Garlic creamy sauce

The kids have had Gnocchi before but it’s been a whilst and this makes a nice change. I’m hoping they give it a chance – also going to put something on the side it! Recipe from Eat Well 101.

Sunday :: Whole roasted cauliflower Sunday roast

Hmm not sure how this will go down to be honest. I want to try it and I’m really excited about it, but I like cauliflower. The kids might recognise that it isn’t their norm and clam their traps shut. Recipe from Tesco!

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