Meal Plan 7/11

There is literally no point in even examining the organisational skill I have shown in the last week when it comes to meals… it’s been… lacking, we’ll go with that.

Honestly, if ever there was a reminder of WHY meal planning is such a good idea, then we need look no further than when we don’t do it! I spend wayyyyy more money, we eat utter rubbish half the time and everyone is far more stressed out because I WANT DINNERRRR and I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. Meal planning is a mum weapon and it’s a necessity in this house.

So, moving on to this week:

Monday :: Brinner

What, pray tell is brinner?! Well, it’s Breakfast for Dinner. Br-inner. I’ve got sausages, hash browns, bacon and eggs with some beans, toast and tomatoes. Might even get sassy and treat myself to mushrooms.

Tuesday :: Meatballs

I’ve had meatballs in the freezer all week and just never got round to actually doing the necessary with them! I’m also not here so this will be perfect for making on monday and reheating with pasta. This recipe is one of our faves!

Wednesday :: Toby’s birthday!

I can’t honestly tell you what is happening here as the boy hasn’t worked out if he wants a takeaway or a meal out and will probs ask for fajitas on the night.

Thursday :: Hell Fresh mexican hash

This is one of my fave HF recipes of all time and I kept the recipe card to recreate on the reg. It’s so yummy, everyone enjoys it and it’s easy. I really do recommend HF (or Gousto, we have tried and enjoyed both) if you’re looking for something simple and easy in an evening but delish.

Friday :: Chicken stir fry

Stir fries are my absolute fave – I have a tendency to eat them myself at lunch and don’t do them so often for the rest of the family, but I could (and did when I was a teen cooking for myself) live on them! This is from Natasha’s Kitchen.

Saturday :: Lasagne

Always guaranteed a win!

Sunday :: Sunday Roast


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