Meal Plan 7/06

Hello! Did you have a good half term? If you follow me across social media you will know that my kids were away for the majority of last week, which means I ate mostly crisps, gin and the odd meal. It’s funny how you forget how to look after yourself when you’re on your own, or if there are two of you, it’s like… why bother cooking?! It’s utterly nuts of course, I should have cooked or at least fed us a bit better because I’m paying for it now! I feel grotty this week from lack of the good stuff!

So, nothing to recap, we may as well dive right on in!

Monday :: Coconut Milk Braised Chicken curry

This sounds LUSH, I’m not sure if I will do sweet potatoes in it, but I can say with confidence that this will go down well. I’m going to cook double and then the kids can take leftovers for lunch tomorrow! This is from Half Baked Harvest.

Tuesday :: Summer beef stew

I have beef in the freezer but with the weather being so lovely I was sure I wouldn’t be using it because no one really wants to eat stews or casseroles that are meant to warm you when it’s roasting! Kitchen Sanctuary came through with the goods! This looks wonderful – not sure if I will actually use cous cous as the kids are a bit funny with it, I might do potatoes or even rice.

Wednesday :: Summer Dump and Bake pasta

Now I know the boys will enjoy this from The Seasoned Mom, Edith… not so sure. She really hates corn but I try to just ignore her because she hates most veg!

Thursday :: BLT

Good ole BLT – I haven’t had one in ages, and I have some streaky bacon in the freezer that needs using. Edith will have bacon because she won’t eat the L or the T!

Friday :: Chicken Quesadilla

Love a quesadilla, I’ve bought some wedges to go with it too, but this will be ideal for a eat-on-the-go for Adam and Toby before football training. Recipe is from Eating on a Dime.

Saturday :: Takeaway

Sunday :: Peanut Noodles

Ok, I’m going to break out the spiraliser and see what the boys think. I’m not including Edith because I doubt she will like it BUT I know that Toby & Reuben will at least try it. I mean, Edith might like the carrot in a spiral? Who knows. Anyway, this sounds filling, different and all round yummy from Sweetpea and Saffron.

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