Meal Plan 6/9

Guess whose back, back again? School runs back… firstly, if you didn’t sing that Slim Shady styleé, just go. Secondly, yay for return to school! I’ve actually decided to make it my mission this year to be a bit more consistent with the blog. I love writing, writing is my passion and it all started with this little blog, so here we are. Weekly meal plans will continue to be a thang, after all, I use them just as much as you guys (no really, I bring up the blog every night because my memory is the pits and I always forget to save links!) but I want to get back to writing about everything in between again. I say this knowing full well that I’ve also promised myself I’ll have another poke at youtube after Toby requested I make more videos and I’ll contemplate tiktok (I love to watch tiktok but Jesus wept I’m not a rambunctious teen and I HATE creating on it.) So let’s see how it goes.

Anyhoo, it’s back to routine, which means back to meal planning! Woop! I love a bit of meal planning and I would be a liar if I didn’t say I had missed it. I have – nothing annoys me more than ‘mummmmm I’m hungry’ and the panic of being disorganised.

So, I give you the first back to school meal plan!

Monday :: Chicken Chow Mein

This recipe from Gimme Delicious is just *chefs kiss*. The kids don’t go back to school until tomorrow so I’ve opted for something that doesn’t require the pressure cooker or too much prep.

Tuesday :: Spag Bol

I’ve said it so many times, Tuesday is my booby trap day – I always feel at my least productive and at my crappiest, but spag bol is ALWAYS a saviour! It’s something everyone will eat and 100% guaranteed to be something that they will be able to take with them in their pack up if they want a hot one.

Wednesday :: One pot thai curry

This looks divine – Alexandra’s Kitchen has some wonderful recipes and I am, of course, always here for the one pot wonders!

Thursday :: One pot Taco pasta

This seems like a really yummy recipe, one that I think everyone (in the house who can eat solids – sorry Adam!) will be able to enjoy. Recipe from Together as a Family.

Friday :: My Chicken Curry from my Best selling book Mummin’ It!

Hands down the recipe I get the most messages about from my book Mummin It. It’s so adaptable – make it veggie, make it spicy, super mild… whatever. All done in the pressure or slow cooker!

Saturday :: Takeaway night!

First takeaway when we are back into routine!

Sunday :: Chicken Pot Pie

This looks so good and I’m figuring that we will be able to freeze some if I make it in a big enough portion, meaning the kids can take a portion for lunch or it will do for a meal another time! This is from Natasha’s Kitchen, which never fails me!

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