Meal Plan 6/4

Ahh the start of a new week … that will look exactly the same as the previous week because we’re all still in lockdown. Yay!

How did you guys manage to get on with meal planning last week? Bit of a nightmare wasn’t it? I mean we managed to stick to it but I felt that it was a challenge when my food delivery kept changing day to day. I ended up getting everything I needed apart from one little thing, so I’m really relieved!

Let’s have a look at last week shall we?

  • Monday :: Coq au Van – delish, and really easy to make. I will say it was a touch on the rich side and left us all feeling a bit full!
  • Tuesday :: Beans on toast – perfection, and on a freshly made loaf too. NOM.
  • Wednesday :: Sausage casserole – this was lush but we actually swapped it with Saturday.
  • Thursday :: Hotpot – Mince beef hotpot – another really tasty and hassle free one!
  • Friday :: Takeaway – again, we opted not to, our local chinese isn’t open anymore so we decided to just go with a homecooked meal. Said meal was a rather tasty homemade curry.
  • Saturday :: Green thai curry – so tasty and perfect for a good filling meal.
  • Sunday :: Mac n Cheese – Edith was truly delighted!

So what about this week? Well, again, I’m mindful that the world is a bit of a shit show at the moment so I’m trying not to offer up anything too wild or set myself expectations that I just don’t think we’re going to achieve. At the moment, I seem able to get hold of beef and chicken, so I’m still including those recipes but we could absolutely ditch that and go for pork or even quorn or tofu if we can’t find the right stuff.

Monday :: Chicken Lo Mein

This actually looks so yummy, and i have some noodles in the cupboard so that will be perfect! Ideal for those “what do I have in the fridge?” moments. Recipe is from Savoury Bites Recipes.

Tuesday :: Chicken & Potato bake

This is from one of my favourite sites, The Kitchen Sanctuary, and frankly it sounds super easy and perfect for what we will all need. Good homemade bread and BOSH, done.

Wednesday :: Mongolian Beef with rice

I’m sure we have tried this recipe before with chicken, and I think the kids really enjoyed it (probably the point at which I should read through my old posts to see if they liked it or not). It’s such a simple recipe too, this one is from the Recipe Critic.

Thursday :: Lasagne

Well we might as well, I’ve not got anything better to do. I might make some garlic bread too. Go fancy. I have my own little recipe I use, but this one from Don’t go Bacon my heart looks especially tasty.

Friday :: Fancy Fajitas

Mum hack incoming – I order 2 extra large kebabs from the local kebab and pizza place, and then use wraps for the kids and create a fancy, inexpensive takeaway dinner!

Saturday :: Creamy lemon pasta

Creamy lemon pasta is something I haven’t tried before (that I can remember) and I think it will make a good change! This recipe is from Crunchy creamy sweet.

Sunday :: Honey crunch chicken

This looks amazing and I’m planning on serving it with some smashed re-fried potatoes or maybe hassleback potatoes – let’s see my mood. Recipe is from Rock Recipes.

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  1. Avatar April 6, 2020 / 6:55 pm

    Thanks for including my chicken potato bake 😊
    I think I might try that creamy lemon chicken 😋

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