Meal plan 6/01

I know this is a day late and it is, in fact, the 7th already, but honestly, my intentions to go into 2020 being mega organised and the queen of the blog are somewhat waylaid by a vomiting 4 year old and jet lag. Bare with.

I’m not going to round up the week between Christmas and New Year for a couple of reasons, one being that we definitely didn’t stick to it, and two being that I can’t actually remember what we ate in the haze of food and Christmas limbo.

THIS is the week of a return to veg, after a trip to New York we are going to be introducing some much needed goodness back into our bodies – I’m talking veggies, breakfast food that doesn’t involve syrup… the works.

So here we go:

Monday :: Slow cooker chicken curry

Personally, I think it’s a miracle that I managed to make this last night in between Edith throwing up on me and jet lag. It’s a firm family favourite, which is what you will be gifted with this week because I’m trying to be kind to myself and ease back into this week. This recipe is from the ever brilliant Taming Twins.

Tuesday :: Spag Bol

Another family favourite, and one that I can easily chuck in extra veggies for that post-american food goodness. I’m also making use of the pressure cooker as much as possible this week. This recipe is from Kitchen Sanctuary, another fave blog of mine, but I do just use our own family fave.

Wednesday :: Sausage & Mash

Yes, going totally wild this week. It’s a nice simple one, easy to make and the kids love sausages. I’m going to add some carrots and some peas too, that way they will have some veggies on the side. At the moment I’m really loving Morrisons speciality sausages, we had some mozarella, tomato and herb ones last week and they were amazing.

Thursday :: Cottage pie

I might actually try and throw in some lentils this week, just for that extra oomph of goodness. I’m also going to lob in a load of the veggies we have left in the back of the fridge that are just loitering and looking sad. This recipe from Recipe Tin Eats looks great though!

Friday :: Take away

First one of 2020 which means it will be sublime. As always.

Saturday :: Chicken Tonight with Rice

Going down the tin/packet sauce route becasue they are ridiculously easy to do AND they are honestly delish. We use the Country French the most frequently, but you really can choose from loads. You can also add in some extra veg which is a winner winner, chicken dinner (sorry.)

Sunday :: Stuffed peppers with fish fingers

Toby’s favourite. If I’m honest I would really love to go out for a family Sunday dinner but the chances are that we won’t so I’m going to plan this. It takes less than 30 mins and everyone eats it (though Edith removes the peppers) The recipe is on my own blog! Huzzah!

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