Meal Plan 31/08 – Back to school edition!

There isn’t really anything to report from last week other than one too many takeaways and a rather delicious bowl of nachos! Left to our own devices without children to care for we tend to just nibble! Now this week is going to be a bit different, my kids aren’t actually back to school yet, they will be going back next week, but I know a lot of people like to read the meal plan and wait to see what I make of the meals before they try it themselves, so I figured why not do a back to school edition this week (and a few people I know do have kids back this week so it’s always helpful) and then it will be ready for back to school prep next week!

All of the recipes I pop on here are with that first (extra stressful thanks to the virus and changes) week of back to school in mind, so you can either make them now and freeze them OR you can make them in a pressure/slow cooker and get prepped ahead. Failing that, the ones that aren’t for freezing or making ahead of time will be under 30 mins. You’re welcome future self!

Monday :: Chilli Con Carne

Forever a winner but WHO KNEW Chilli con carne could be such a contentious topic! I had no idea there was a great kidney bean demand going on behind the chilli con carne scenes and even less of an idea that people put baked beans in the thing! ARE YOU OK HUN? One of my all time fave recipes for chilli con carne is from Kitchen Sanctuary, but I have an extra special version of my own that I share on instagram so make sure that you check that out!

Tuesday :: Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs

Now this sounds like something that my family will LOVE. Straight from Together as a Family, it’s under 30 mins from start to finish and if you prep the meatballs beforehand, place them in the fridge, you will cut that time down as well. Easy, delicious sounding and something different.

Wednesday :: Creamy pork casserole

This is such an Autumnal dish. It is the poster child for Autumnal dishes if you will. There are apples, it’s a casserole and it’s so warming… I know, I know, it’s still Summer, but IS IT SHARON, IS IT!? Looking outside most days lately would suggest to me that 2020 has declared Summer is over. This dish is from Annabel and Grace, though I will say I have been making this dish for years and I kind of have my own spin on it.

Thursday :: Fajita Chicken Pasta

Yes, I realise this one was on the meal planner from the other week but it’s another one that goes in the under 30 mins category and I just know it will be such a hit with the kids. It’s one that Edith will spend almost all her time picking veg out of as well, but let’s glance over that. This is from the aptly named 30 min meals blog.

Friday :: Takeaway

Because if you don’t deserve it on back to school week then when do you?

Saturday :: Beef Stroganoff

We haven’t done this for ages and, excusing the mushrooms because i live with a family of mushroom haters, everyone loves it. I have some steaks that need using, I’m never going to cook Adam a steak because I just ruin them, so I’m going to slice them and whack them in this. This recipe is from Spaceships and Laserbeams. I’ll be doing mine in the pressure cooker for 30 mins and then stirring in the sour cream.

Sunday :: Bangers & Mash

Yep, a simple and quintessentially British end to the week. I don’t think anyone needs a recipe for sausages and mash, so I will just leave this here!

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