Meal plan 30/1

Do you know what time it is? IT’S PUMPKIN TIME.

No, my family isn’t overly excited about it either, the wee killjoys, but I’m over here, living my best pumpkin living life throughout the month… in my head I want to say that I cook all sorts of fantastical pumpkin recipes in October but the reality is somewhat less exciting and 100% less orange. More beige. Such is life.

Anyway, I am going to throw a few pumpkin/squash loving recipes into the mix next week and we will go from there, but first, let’s take a lookie at last week and then get this hectic week out of the way!

  • Monday :: Fish stew – they hated it. I couldn’t bring myself to eat it because a lapse in judgement saw me agree to let my mum pick up some fish for me on her way home and she grabbed SKIN ON haddock. I had scales everywhere and as I have a phobia of fish I couldn’t set foot in the kitchen. It was a traumatic day.
  • Tuesday :: Chicken tacos – didn’t make them because I went for a haircut that lasted agesssss. I believe shop bought pizza and pasta was the ticket.
  • Wednesday :: Macaroni cheese – I felt rotten on wednesday night so defaulted to the trusty beans on toast.
  • Thursday :: Sausage tray bake – Nailed it! They always love sausages and the fact that I felt awful didn’t really matter because this is the type of meal that you can knock together with no effort.
  • Friday :: Take away
  • Saturday :: Pizza – yep, stuck to it, don’t care it’s twice in one week.
  • Sunday :: Instant pot stew – another easy one I thank myself for putting on the list. I clearly knew I was going to come down with a cold and felt like being nice to myself. Yay past me.

So what about this week? Well, I’m feeling very autumnal so I’m thinking that lots of stews and instant pot meals will come in handy.

Monday :: Chicken Enchiladas

These chicken enchiladas look amazing and they are such a wholesome, warming dinner. I’m really looking forward to this one – you can grab the recipe here.

Tuesday :: I’m not here!

Wednesday :: Also not here

It’s worth noting on these days that I’m not just a heartless cow, that I would usually cook something like a crazy lady rushing about before I left for work – but the problem is that whoever had the kids (especially if it was my mum) would just totally ignore what I had cooked in favour of sticking two fingers up to my hard work and ordering fish and chips or pizza. So why bother?

Thursday :: Cottage pie

Oh I told you I wanted a week of family classics – I love cottage pie, it’s one of my faves and is a really cosy comfort food. Here is a recipe if you want one!

Friday :: Take away

Saturday :: Instant Pot Ethiopian chicken stew

I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever eaten Ethiopian food, in fact, I know I haven’t and when I was casually perusing pinterest for meal ideas, I came across this recipe and decided I had to give it a go.

Sunday :: Guinness beef instant stew

So I mean, this couldn’t be more perfect for an autumnal stew, and I’m going to serve it with giant yorkshire puddings! Here is this recipe if you want one!

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